Prepare Yourselves! “Gay Media Victim” Ramin Setoodeh has Penned Another Article About Gay Hollywood

“Hollywood’s gay elite attacked Ramin Setoodeh when he said the openly gay Sean Hayes was not convincing as a straight man in Promises, Promises.”

That’s the first sentence in the new Setoodeh article How Hollywood Shuts Out Gay Actors, and it sets the tone for everything that comes after it.

The gist of the piece is that Hollywood won’t cast gay actors in gay roles, which is really only arguably true when one is talking about the movies. But that nugget of wisdom is really just a bait and switch so he can once again whine about being a victim of the gay media for his now legendarily inept article stating that gay actors can’t play straight.

“The Internet wasn’t happy with my line of thinking, and blogs twisted my words to suggest that I was homophobic. Hollywood’s gay elite joined in the attacks. Glee creator Ryan Murphy called for a boycott of Newsweek. Cynthia Nixon accused me of setting the gay-rights movement back 10 years. Alan Cumming said I was “a danger to us all, not just gay people… but everyone on the planet.” Perez Hilton posted pictures of me on his blog. I could not walk through New York’s gay neighborhoods without causing a stir”.

Sorry, Ramin , the only “twisting of words” came from you, as you frantically tried to cover your ass.

The trooper that he is, Ramin went back to see Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises, and had an epiphany.

“Was I really a traitor to my own community? Before Promises, Promises closed on Broadway on Sunday, I bought a ticket and secretly went to see the show again. Once inside, I slumped down in my seat, afraid somebody would call the GLAAD police if I were spotted. The lights dimmed, and Sean Hayes opened the show alongside a troop of male dancers. When he sang about his passion for basketball, the men performed aerial splits. Then he started to pine after the office lunch lady (Kristin Chenoweth), and I realized that I had been all wrong. It’s not just that audiences don’t often see openly gay actors in straight roles. What’s even more unsettling is that Hollywood doesn’t even allow gay actors to play gay.”

Huh? How does seeing Sean Hayes play a straight character lead to “Hollywood doesn’t even allow gay actors to play gay?”

Leaps of logic aside, the main source for his assertion is the famously bitter Rupert Everett. When you have to rely on a Rupert Everett quote, you’re in big trouble.

There’s another source he uses to bolster his argument that gay actors can’t get TV roles.

“The blog could only name nine working gay TV actors, and they all hold minor or supporting roles.”

Thanks for the shoutout, Ramin. Too bad you got it all wrong.. The AfterElton article he referred to was only a partial list of the gay actors on TV.

Once again, he omits chunks of facts to prove his theory. Here’s one whopper.

“In 2009, New York magazine named Neil Patrick Harris as Hollywood’s first openly gay “breakthrough star.” They might have jumped the gun, since his most memorable work lately has been hosting awards shows. He did some voiceover in Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore  and has a part in the upcoming Smurfs movie. In the trailer for his new film, Beastly, he’s a blind man of indeterminate sexuality. The star is Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical.”

Wow. So I suppose his multi-Emmy nominated role as straight Lothario Barney on the lung-running How I Met Your Mother doesn’t count? Even though it’s what brought NPH back into the public eye, and what he’s best known for these days?

So basically the article complains about the way he’s been treated, asserts that he was right along, complains some more, offers up another dubious claim, and … complains again.

Ramin Setoodeh … the gift that keeps giving.

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