Preview Pics! Penny And Max Have Guy Trouble On The Return of “Happy Endings”

Happy Endings has had a tumultuous Season Three, thrown into bizarre time slots (Sunday at 10? Seriously?), and struggling for viewers. It will have one more chance to save itself when it returns at the end of March. That’s the good news. The bad news? Its new time slot is Friday night at 8 PM ET, which is one of the worst time slots imaginable for a cutting-edge comedy like Happy Endings.

The only thing we can do is watch and support the show, and hope TPTB at ABC (who apparently love the show) will give it another season … and a proper time slot.

Here’s the synopsis for the show’s return, “In The Heat of The Noche.”

Brad uses his skills, plus help from the gang, to prop up Chuckles and Huggs after the gym’s loopy owner, Terry (guest star David Alan Grier), tells him it may be closing. Meanwhile, Penny and Max try to break the habit of texting the men in their lives (Pete/the new guy Max is dating). They turn to NocheTussin, a black market cough medicine, to help them sleep when they’d normally be texting.”

Hmm … who’s the new guy Max is dating? We’ll find out when Happy Endings airs on Friday, March 29th at 8 PM ET.

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