“Pro Football Weekly” to Apologize for Dan Hampton’s “Brokeback Mountain” Comment

Earlier today the blogosphere was abuzz with the latest blast of homophobia to come out of the sporting world. Namely, Pro Football Weekly sportscaster Dan Hampton commenting on the Dallas Cowboys by saying,  "The Cowboys think they are Clint Eastwood; they’re more of the ‘Brokeback’ variety if you know what I’m talking about."[Via Towleroad]

Because we all know Clint Eastwood ‘cowboys’ are real men while Brokeback Mountain cowboys are, well, gay. 

GLAAD has already demanded an apology but AfterElton reached out directly to PFW and received the following response from editor Hub Arkush

Thank you for writing and giving me the opportunity to respond. The answer to your question is yes, we will be responding to the "Brokeback" comment as well, and it absolutely will include an apology. In our horror over the discomfort caused by the "Katrina" comment we rushed to offer the most sincere apologies we could and some folks took even further umbrage at our apologies. As badly as we feel about both situations we are trying our very best to be sure we don’t do anything that might offend anyone even more.

The only good news here at Pro Football Weekly is that in our 44 – year history we’ve never made a mistake like this before, let alone two at once, and we have no road map for the best way to attempt to correct them. What I can tell you without reservation is that we deplore discrimination and bigotry aimed at any and all racial, ethnic and social groups and communities, and Dan’s comment about the Cowboys is totally unacceptable and will not be repeated or ignored. Pease bear with us as we try and find the best message to express our most sincere apologies and the utmost respect we hold for you and the community you represent.

The Katrina reference has to do with a reference Hampton made saying "the Minnesota Vikings should hit New Orleans like Hurricane Katrina."

Quite a way the words has Hampton, eh? 

We’ll be printing the apology when PFW issues it, but I appreciate their quick response to us and their seeming sincerity. 

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