“Project Runway All Stars” Episode 106: “And In This Corner”

Helen Mirren doesn’t approve of workroom conflict

What a total and utter crock.

On this week’s All Stars, the designers had to go head-to-head with another designer to create a sportswear look based on the four seasons.

If I told you that Austin, Michael, Mondo and Rami were in the bottom four, and Jerell, Mila, Kenley and … Kara were the winners, would you believe it?

Welcome to Bizarro World.

The most interesting part of this week’s show was the “conflict” between Jerell and Michael, with the latter once again accused of fashion plagiarism.

My favorite moment was when Joanna asked Michael where he got the inspiration, and he talked about sketches he had done. When she asked where they were, he went all hummana-hummana, “Um, they’re around here somewhere.” Hooker, please!

So how did the designers do? Below and on the following pages you can see the final designs and how they fared. It’s not a happy time.

Austin Scarlett

Season: Spring. I can immediately see spring when I look at this. Simple, but pretty.

Jerell Scott

Season: Winter. The winning design. The winning design? Is there a model somewhere in there? Way too … much.

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