“Project Runway All Stars” Episode 109: “Let There Be Light”

“Then I felt her up, and that’s when I finally realized I was definitely gay.”

On this week’s All Stars, the designers have to use lighting technology to create an avant garde design

This was another gimmick episode, but I didn’t mind it as much as the others, because the designers really did have to create something the show has never done before, which was intriguing.

Favorite moment? “This could be the design that Jerrell is remembered for.”

So how did the designers do? Below and on the following pages you can see the final designs and how they fared.

Austin Scarlett

The Winning Design. I loved this. It was cool, gorgeous, and deserved the win.

Jerell Scott

The Losing Design. I hated this. It was tacky, ugly, and deserved to lose

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