“Project Runway All Stars” Episode 111: “Finale, Part One”

If it’s the penultimate episode of a Project Runway season, you know what that means!


In the regular season, this is the time we get to follow the finalists home, which is usually fun and interesting, but on All Stars the final three are locked up in individual work rooms and have four days to create five designs for their final showings.

This season’s final twist is that the designers also have to create a sixth design using discarded fabric from the previous challenges, but they get to choose one of the castoff designers to help, so at least we get another chance to see Anthony (although I was hoping one of the guys would choose ever-sleeveless Rami).

Because this was the filler show, we don’t see any of the final designs, so basically it’s just set-up for next week (although we do learn that Mondo can get really, really moody). Let’s take a look back at the final three and what they brought to this season, and then take our polls. Who do you think will win … and who do you think should win?




So who do you think will take next week’s crown?