“Project Runway All Stars” Episode 112: “Finale, Part Two”

“Well, bless his heart.”

So the final episode of Project Runway: All Stars has arrived, and as expected, eccentric sprite Mondo has taken the crown.

Last week we asked who you thought should win, and who you thought would win. It was pretty much even, with 67% thinking Mondo would win:

Almost as many of you (62%) thought Mondo should win:

In both cases, Austin was the runner-up, while Michael finished third, which is the same order they finished in the finale, so the writing was on the wall going in to the last episode.

Below you can see Mondo’s crowning moment, and he talks about what the future holds for the winner of the first Project Runway: All Stars.

Meanwhile, Austin was noticeably, and deliciously pissed when Mondo won, but he seems to be to be taking it all in stride.

Michael was a distant third, but gave the best closing interview.

On the following pages you can see each designer’s complete collection. What are your final thoughts on the season? Did Mondo deserve it? What would you change if there’s another All-Stars down the road?

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