“Project Runway All Stars:” “I’m Going To Choke On Your Fur!”


I don’t know if it was the excitement of super special guest judge Kylie Minogue, or because the “unconventional challenges” are usually a lot of fun (if not fashion forward), but this was one of the most entertaining episodes of a very lackluster season.

The designers meet Carolyn Murphy at a NYC shipyard because … well, I have no idea why the designers met Carolyn Murphy at a NYC shipyard. It makes no logical sense, because it has nothing to do with the challenge or with the introduction of some bigwig watchmaker, who tells them that the winner will receive a fancy watch. Actually, I was hoping Josh was right when he predicted a pirate theme, because I’d love to see them work with eyepatches, peg legs, and dead shoulder parrots.

But this week’s challenge is the Unconventional Challenge, which elicits groans from the designers, some of whom (Casanova, Emilio) struggled mightily with this challenge during their regular seasons.

The designers have to create a design using items from a Christmas store, but the finished look can’t look Christmas-themed. Got that? It’s actually an intriguing challenge, as they designers have to try to steer clear of red, gold, and tinsel … which you just know is calling to some of them.

Back at the workroom, Josh has the funniest moment of the night as he realizes in horror that the shiny blue material he bought is actually just a sheath … for a hilariously tacky Hanukkah decoration.


Let’s take a look at how each of the designers fared!

ANTHONY RYAN – The judges gave this runner-up status, and you could tell that Kylie made Anthony’s year by giving it a shoutout and saying it would look great on stage. The only problem I have with it is the same problem judge LaLa Anthony had … of all the designs, it did look the most “Christmas-ey.”

CASANOVA – Sadly, Casanova was auf’d this week for this very conventional design. He knew he was in trouble though, as this was his third attempt of this challenge to create something presentable (and was warned by Josh and the other designers that he couldn’t just use fabric). Still, this wasn’ t really the worst of the night.

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