“Project Runway All Stars:” Teeth, Claws, and Feathers

What in the holy hell is going on?

Sadly, the warm glow of last week’s Kylie Minogue appearance has faded, and we’re back to another could-have-been-interesting but ultimately lackluster challenge. But we did get one truly bizarre moment that says … something … about the phoniness of reality shows. But I’m not sure what.

This week the designers have to create a look for the modern woman based on the 1920s. But they also have to team up (and compete against each other). Anthony and Ivy are assigned a “speakeasy” look, Emilio and Joshua have “garden party,” and Uli and Laura have “Social Soiree,” which is redundant, but nevermind.

Laura holds up her Soiree card, the camera switches for a split second to Uli, and when we come back to Laura, the card now reads “Soriee.” We all know that the designers have to go back and reshoot scenes to add dramatic or comedic effect, but this is a serious editing screwup (and no one … at all … noticed the card was spelled wrong?)

As far as the challenge goes, the most entertaining part of the show was the Laura-Uli match-up, and Uli’s penchant for feathers. After Laura openly mocks her, Anthony declares that the “teeth and claws” are coming out. Below you can see the designers discuss Uli’s feather fetish.

Yes, I did chuckle at Laura’s snobbish disdain for Uli, especially in light of this week’s elimination.

Let’s take a look at how each of the designers fared!

ANTHONY RYAN – I thought he was in serious trouble for this, but the judges awarded him the win. I thought it was horribly shapeless, and the skinned raven didn’t help.

EMILIO – Emilio was top three, but this was another one I couldn’t understand. Was there a Love Boat in the 20′s?

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