“Project Runway All Stars:” You’ve Got Male

“And the sleeves will also work for our Robin Williams challenge”

This week the designers have to create an avant-garde, androgynous look for a male and female model. I thought this a terrific challenge (finally) as it would force many of the designers to go out of their comfort zones and get their creative juices flowing. And some of them gave it a game go. Althea and Uli stepped up, and while their looks weren’t a total success, at least they tried, unlike the ever-annoying Laura, who is obviously remaining because the show needs someone to hate.

“Okay, so … yeah, I think It’s fairly obvious I have no idea what I’m doing.”

So how did each designer do? Let’s take a look.


Althea – This was my second favorite of the night, and she deserved to be in the top three. SAFE

My Sweet Anthony Ryan – The judges loved it, but I thought the looks were confused and ugly. TOP THREE

Casanova – Love At First Sting. Bless His Heart. BOTTOM THREE

Emilio – FANTASTIC. Easily the best thing this season, and perfect for the challenge. Grace Jones would look fabulous in either design. WINNER

Ivy – Awful. How in the hell was this SAFE?

Joshua – Ditto

Kayne – Technically awful, and that top on the female model is one the ugliest things seen this season, but I didn’t think it was the worse. But the judges did. LOSER

Laura – This should have been the losing design. The guy’s top looks like the Windows Logo, and those cutouts on female model scream hooker. Just terrible. BOTTOM THREE

Uli – I hated this at first, but compared to most of the other designs, this deserved to be in the TOP THREE.

So Kayne is auf’d (Miz Liz, you called it last time), and Emilio is given the mush-deserved win.

What did you think?