Project Runway Season 4: Even gayer than we’d thought


In Friday's Best.Gay.Week.Ever. column, Michael spilled the baubles, bangles and beads on the gay men in the upcoming season of Bravo's hit reality competition Project Runway. It looked at the time that there were four out gay men in the cast, which would make for one of the gayest seasons yet on what is already a crazy-gay show (openly gay Tim Gunn and Michael Kors also serve as mentor and head judge, respectively).

As of Friday, Jack, Chris, Ricky and Steven were the out-loud, out-proud designsketeers angling for the title and prize money that were confirmed by the network as openly gay. And as it's our site's policy not to speculate about sexuality, we left it at that. But today we've had a few more fellas come forward to join the gay party:



and Rami.

If you didn't do the math, that leaves one lone straight male contestant (Kevin) and seven out of fifteen total contestants (or as Heidi would say, "Fifteeeeeeen deesigners!") are openly gay men. The gayer the better, if you ask me! And these guys seem to demonstrate that gay men come in all shapes and sizes (unlike the walking-stick models that they generally design for!). And is it just me, or is this season's crop skewing much older, overall? Mayhaps the casting folks took a cue from this season's Top Chef, which went for experience over sass, to great results.

Project Runway premieres Wednesday, November 14th on Bravo.

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