Project Runway’s Dragtastic Chris March

If you’ve been watching Project Runway this season, chances are you’re a fan of Chris March. He may not be a front-runner to win, but the NYC costume designer’s sweet nature and winning personality have made him an audience favorite. (The occasional f*g joke notwithstanding.) Chris was actually voted offof PR early on, but the producers brought him back when Jack Mackenroth fell ill and had to drop out.

Chris has described his work as a costume designer as "over the top," but we didn’t know just how over the top until this last episode when we got a look at his portfolio and hilarious pics of Chris himself made up as Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Queen Elizabeth and a host of other "power women."

More pics of the dragtastic Chris March appear after the break as well as a 1997 video of him doing his best drunken Louella Parsons impression. Enjoy!

Chris as Tracy Turnblad and Princess Leia

Chris as a Valkyrie and Carmen Miranda Frida Kahlo

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