Queerview television guide: Weekend of June 26

It’s a busy weekend of gay TV as all three gay-inclusive soaps (The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live and As the World Turns) have the guys in the spotlight, Fox debuts the gay-inclusive sci-fi special Virtuality and BBC America debuts the first of Russell T. Davies‘ final Doctor Who specials.

With Adam hoping to make use of Rafe in his plans today and big moments for Luke and Noah, we’ll be following the action with two liveblogs. Be sure to join us starting at 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM Eastern!

Full weekend listings continue below… 


The Young and the Restless (CBS) Check local listings
Today’s the big day for Rafe, as Adam tries to distract him with a little romance. Will Rafe return Adam’s "feelings" and, if so, will we get a good idea of why he’d have feelings to return? (I’m starting to wonder if Rafe is about to show a deceptive side to himself.) Let’s talk about it on the liveblog at 12:30 PM EDT!

Adam confesses to having "feelings" for Rafe

One Life to Live (CBS) Check local listings
There’s more Kyle today as his attempts to blackmail his way out of criminal charges (hmm, that can’t be a promising sign that he’s reformed).

As the World Turns (CBS) Check local listings
And today’s trio of gay-inclusive soapiness wraps up as Nuke breaks some news about Riley and Col. Mayer‘s plans start to fall apart. We’ll be liveblogging this madness as well, at 2PM EDT.

Virtuality (Fox) 8:00 PM EDT
From Battlestar Galactica producer Ron Moore, the ground-breaking Virtuality includes two of the most complex gay male characters ever to appear on a sci-fi TV show as part of a space exploration mission that funds itself by allowing reality TV cameras access to their journey.

Virtuality‘s Gene Farber and Jose Pablo Cantillo

The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) 9:00 PM EDT
Rachel is supposed to be taking the night off tonight with the one true Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, making her guest-hosting debut. With her irreverent attitude, quick wit and fearlessness (and let’s not forget the time she pressed Robert Gibbs on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) I suspect she just may be the gay news junkie’s Kathy Griffin. Or maybe it’s just me.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) 12:35 AM EDT
Indie rockers Grizzly Bear, with out frontman Ed Droste, are scheduled to perform tonight.


Kings (NBC) 8:00 PM EDT
Queen Rose‘s mama bear instincts come out this week when the secret love lives of Prince Jack and Princess Michelle nearly come to light.

Groomer Has It (Animal Planet) 9:00 PM EDT
Tonight’s season finale promises "the most stressful competition" of Lisa and out finalist Huber‘s lives.

Doctor Who‘s Dervla Kirwan, David Tennant, David Morrissey and Velile Tshabalala

Doctor Who (BBC America) 9:00 PM EDT
It’s the beginning of the end for Russell T. Davies as the first of his final Doctor Who specials airs … David Tennant is certainly welcome on my screen anytime but who’s this other guy also being called Doctor?


The Next Food Network Star (Food Network) 9:00 PM EDT
Well that can’t be good. This week’s previews seem to show Michael accidentally hitting Debbie with a baking pan. I have a bad feeling that’s going to overshadow challenges about the "ultimate burger" and international ingredients.

True Blood (HBO) 9:00 PM EDT
Sookie makes a move to try to help Lafayette this week as she proposes a deal to Eric.

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