Rachel Maddow again examines “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” by talking to the people directly affected

Last night Rachel Maddow started her show with the story of Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, whose 18-year career as an Air Force fighter pilot is about to end due to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Maddow has been giving “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” a good amount of coverage recently. Instead of following this issue as a political story — e.g. talking about which politicians made the most dramatic argument on the issue or discussing how the issue will affect the next election — she’s been focusing on people facing a discharge under DADT, people like Lt. Dan Choi, a West Point graduate and an Arabic-translator, or 2nd Lt. Sandy Tsao, who received a personal letter from President Obama after Tsao wrote to Obama about repealing DADT.

By talking to people facing a discharge under the policy, Rachel is making the issue about individuals who are seeing their careers end and talent being taken away from our military due to DADT. Beyond making viewers see the consequences of this policy, these servicemembers’ stories give the issue a sense of urgency since these officers will likely be discharged from the military soon, unless something is done to change DADT.

Check out Maddow’s interview with Fehrenbach below.

What the clip is missing, however, is the “One More Thing” segment that followed the interview with Fehrenbach, which looked at how Megan McCain voiced her support for repealing DADT to Stephen Colbert Monday night.

Noting how McCain tried to use DADT as an example of how Democrats in Washington haven’t done any more to help LGBT rights than the Republicans, Maddow commented, “When a Republican says that the Republican Party is as vigilant on justice and equal rights as the Democratic Party — and you can’t immediately laugh that Republican out of the room — Democrats have a problem. Mr. President, you have a problem.”

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