R&B singer Tyrese banning the gays?

According to o1lt.com, D-list singer/model and usually half-naked (don't you just love the pic?) Tyrese is banning all men from attending the “Shirts Off” tour, which includes oiled-up R&B singers Tank and Ginuwine. Tyrese says, “We're putting a ban on all dudes from coming to the show.” The tour is “strictly for the ladies;” however, other sources claim this ban is toward gay men.

O1lt.com rants, “I love how he is trying to ban the gays in a round about way. I don’t know any single women who care about married with four kids — Ginuwine, woman beater — Tyrese, and boring as hell — Tank. The gays might be only ones who can salvage your career(s).” Pretty harsh!

If this ban has anything to do with the gays supporting him, it would be no shocker since Tyrese has made homophobic comments in the past. In late 2006 Perez Hilton.com reported:

"Tyrese performed Saturday night at House of Blues Sunset Strip. Midway through his set, he used a white towel to wipe the sweat from his body. The crowd shrieked as he threw it to the masses. However, Tyrese was appalled when a man caught the towel, and kept it. A fight broke out between this gentleman and some rabid females standing near him. Tyrese proceeded to say ‘that was meant for the ladies’. After the man wouldn't give up the towel, Tyrese added insult to injury by saying ‘Well, we all know what street you live on dude….Santa Monica Boulevard’. The crowd laughed and the man was escorted out by security.”

Considering Tyrese is always short of a hit record, you would think anyone who would be willing to buy a ticket to one of his humdrum shows would be allowed to attend. At this point (or at any point) Tyrese does not need to alienate potential supporters — maybe he should take a lesson from Enrique and consider a fan a fan.