Reality Reiterated: More Ragan on “Big Brother,” Less Ryan on “The Real World”

It’s a mixed bag for the gays this week as we have more
Ragan on Big Brother (who’s your
saboteur, baby!), less Ryan on The Real
, and I learn to appreciate – sort of – Brent on the Beekman Boys.

But Real World’s
Knight shows his homophobic side, Preston
cries because he can’t use power tools (but does Lady Gaga drag so he cares!) and
my DVR ate Project Runway so I can’t
recap what happened!

Oh, well, as long as Jujubee is present on RuPaul’s DragU, how bad can things
really be?

Big Brother

Once again, the cartoonish Head of Household competition is
down to “I tell people my wife has a disease and I’m a genius” Matt and out

Pay attention Brigade, what with your Abercrombie model,
your Jersey mobster type, and your linebacker
Texan: the gays rock. Alas, Ragan loses and resident rat boy Matt wins HoH,
putting power showmancers Brachel (don’t worry, that obnoxious nickname will
only last as long as this article) up for elimination.

L to r: Rachel, Brendon, Ragan and Matt

Ragan, a seemingly masterful floater but also a pretty nice
guy, has just been voted the new saboteur by America. He graciously accepts.

Over the next two weeks, he must perform three pranks on the
houseguests to win $20,000. With the help of viewers submitting suggestions via
Twitter and Facebook, his first two pranks are fairly simple. By prerecording
two messages — one that attempts to split Brachel up and one that leads the
houseguests to believe Brachel may not go home despite how the roommates votes —
he sits back and watches the drama unfold.

The first prank doesn’t bother Brachel but leads everyone to
believe Rachel-of-Brachel is the saboteur. The other prank, however, sends the
group reeling and provides Rachel with a moment (a very false moment) of
security. Ragan, you devil!

As Rachel cries over the pending doom of Brachel, Ragan
literally sings “hallelujah” in the confessional knowing that Rachel’s grating
laugh and hair extensions will soon be walking off into the slickly-produced

Ragan does his Rachel impression

Brendon makes an attempt to “take a bullet” for Rachel by
going apesh** on the other houseguests. At one point, he goes after Ragan in an
angry rant that’s bleeped out but we can safely assume it was about Ragan’s
sexuality. Ragan calmly tells Brendon he’s a Neanderthal.

I like you Ragan. I really
like you.

Because Brendon’s plan only serves to make him powerless in
the house, the group sends our cocktail waitress/chemist Rachel home and Ragan
makes it another week. Watch your back, Brigade.

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