Rebroadcast of HBO’s “We Are One” to include Gene Robinson, be shown on Jumbotrons on National Mall

Garth Brooks performing during the
We Are One concert on Sunday
(AFP/Robyn Beck)

A source with Barack Obama‘s Presidential Inauguration Committe (PIC) has confirmed to that a rebroadcast of HBO’s We Are One concert will be shown on Jumbotron screens on the National Mall as part of tomorrow’s inauguration and will also include the invocation given by Rt. Reverend Gene Robinson.  The invocation was originally not included in the HBO broadcast, an omission that struck many in the gay community as another example of the Obama administration’s insensitivity toward and mishandling of gay issues.

The source also clarified PIC’s earlier statement — "We regret the error in executing this plan" — which struck some as pointing the blame back at HBO. In fact, the PIC source says that even though it was always their intention to include Reverend Robinson, it was their mistake it didn’t get done and the blame is entirely theirs.

Even though millions of viewers will now see Rev. Robinson, the nation’s only gay Episcopalian bishop, speak during Obama’s inauguration, it is hard to imagine it having that much of an impact. Nonetheless, the reaction of the gay community to this, as with the passage of Prop 8 and the selection of Rick Warren to deliver the prayer during Obama’s swearing in, once again shows we’re fed up and not taking anything sitting down.

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