Retired 49er quarterback Steve Young and wife come out against Proposition 8

Photo Credit Getty Images: George Rose/Greg Trott

Being a lifelong professional football fan, I can’t help but be all too aware of the homophobia that pervades much of the sport. So I’m always delighted when I see someone I’ve admired for the way they play game, also be admirable for their stance on gay rights issues.

This weekend, Steve Young and his wife, Barb Young, made it clear they don’t support anti-gay discrimination in California by coming out publicly against Proposition 8 and donating $50,000 to help defeat the measure. Via Equality California, Barb Young issued a statement saying "We believe all families matter, and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8." The lawn of the Young home also sports No on 8 signs. (Note: While it is Barb Young’s name on the check to No on 8, she also made another statement making it clear that Steve agrees with and supports her.)

It should be noted that Young, a Hall of Fame player and MVP of Super Bowl XXIX, isn’t just any old retired NFL quarterback. He’s also a member of the Mormon Church that has poured millions of dollars into into passing Proposition 8. And Young isn’t any old Mormon either — he’s a direct descendant of Brigham Young (the second president of the Mormon church) and has been one of the church’s most visible Mormons. Frankly, the Youngs’ stance on Proposition 8 is rather shocking given how invested the Mormon church is in passing the anti-gay amendment.

Kudos to the Youngs for speaking out in favor of equality for all!

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