Return of the Gay Celebrity Boyfriends!

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the enduring popularity
of “Gay Celebrity Boyfriends” articles on

It seems that as much as we all obsess over gay celebrities, we love hearing
about their boyfriends, partners, husbands and exes almost as much!

We’ve published three earlier editions of this series – but now we’re back
for more, with romantic updates and also some sad news about a few break-ups, dust-ups and loved ones lost.

Jeff Walters (Boyfriend of Clay

Why does it seem like almost every gay celebrity has dated at least one
underwear model? Well, add Clay Aiken
to the list, since he’s currently dating a hot Texan who sometimes works as an underwear model.

Aiken (left) with Jeff Walters

Photo via PINB

Walters photographed by Jorge Rivas for 2(x)ist


Brent (Boyfriend of Lance Bass)

According to, former boyband member Bass has a new
boyfriend, and as usual, he’s so ugly you can hardly bear to look at him.


Of course, Bass has found himself another stunningly handsome man, one he
reportedly met last year at Halloween party.

Bass (left) with Brent

Photo source

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