“Revenge” Episode 118: “Somebody Hold My Earrings!”

Rehearsals are underway for Revenge: The Road Show

We start off with a title card that reads “Trial of Daniel Grayson – Day 15″ and we learn that it’s “December 16,” in case we couldn’t tell from the CGI snowflakes.

Things get off to an unintentionally hilarious start with a courtroom reenactment of the death scene, with “Tyler” pleading for his life from … middle-aged Daniel? Seriously, they couldn’t go down to the local Abercrombie & Fitch and find a Daniel lookalike?

Ashley has become a spin doctor expert for the Grayson family and their lies (the rumor is that the Romney campaign wants to snatch her up), and when word comes that Declan has recanted his statement that there was a hooded figure on the beach and Charlotte was too zonked out to know what was going on, Ashley turns it back on him “He’s a highly emotional young man, I’m saying he’s a teenager nursing his first broken heart. Draw your own conclusions. Oh, and at least Mitt didn’t eat his dog.”

Meanwhile, Jack has been on an adventure thanks to Emily and Nolan, who have sent him around the country on a wild (loose) goose chase for Amanda. Just as he gets a lead and rushes off to find her, he faces disappointment again and again. Sometime he’ll find clues … sweaty scrunchies … empty cans of Hard Lemonade … but he always seems to just miss her.

Why? It seems that Nolan has a cabal of Motel front desk clerks who he commands at will, and they’ve been yanking Jack’s chain all this time, feeding him phony info. That’s about to end, though, when Jack sees news footage of Declan’s predicament, and decides to head back to Montauk.

The Nolan Ross Collection, exclusively at your local Goodwill.

Jack is till carting around the bloody hoodie, and when he comes back to town (where Nolan has been filling in at the Stowaway), he tries to hide it in his room … because that’s worked so well up to now. The bloody hoodie plays the key role in this week’s episode, and it delivers a competent if crusty performance.

The other key role is the Grayson thug Lee (last week I said he looked like the missing Amell brother, and guess who showed up? Real Amell Robbie, who returned as Charlotte‘s society stud). Victoria shows the depths of how far she’s willing to go to protect her children when she orders Lee to threaten one of the jurors in order to get a “not guilty” verdict.

In a hilarious moment, she also convinces Charlotte to try to get Declan to change his mind about his testimony, saying “You’re a resourceful girl. You’ll find a way.” When it fails, she bitterly exclaims, “Obviously he wasn’t given a convincing enough incentive.” Breaking News: Kris Jenner signed to play Victoria in Revenge: The Road Show.

Sadly, it looks as though How Victoria’s Vagina Got Its Groove Back is going to be short-lived, as Conrad shows up to confront Dominic about his affair with his soon-to-be ex. Conrad knows about Dom’s past as an art forger, and discovered that one of his forgeries was actually hanging in the Grayson study.

He blackmails Dom into leaving, but not before Dom lets it slip that Victoria told him about what happened with David Clarke. Victoria is devastated that Conrad he driven Dominic away, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

CGI courtesy of Syfy Original Movies

Daniel is getting increasingly paranoid about … well, everything, and when Jack returns to town and starts hanging around with Emily, he goes off the deep end. He sees Jack and Emily talking in her house, and when she ignores his calls, he gets drunk and decides to break his house arrest.

Emily comes home to find sloppy puppy Daniel accusing her of having an affair. He pushes her away, and yells, ‘Maybe Tyler was right about you,” but his mad scene ends when the police burst in and arrest him for breaking the terms of his release. And Daniel heads back to the pokey.

Just when all seems lost for Daniel, a perfect storm of plot contrivances occurs. Jack tells Nolan that he brought the bloody hoodie back, and when Nolan tells Emily, she breaks in to Jack’s place to steal it. Remember last week when Emily made a mold of one of Lee’s keys? Now we know why. She uses her new key to get into Lee’s car and plant the hoodie.

She then gives an anonymous tip to the NYPD and they find the hoodie in Lee’s car. This immediately implicates Lee in Tyler’s murder, and because it has Jack’s DNA on it, it proves he was the one who attacked Jack. Suddenly, things are looking up for Daniel. But sadly, this means we may have to say goodbye to one of our favorite scene stealers.

For Your Consideration: Best Supporting Outerwear

Lee calls Victoria from prison and tells her, “It’s your worst nightmare!” Yeah, she’ll need more info, please. He angrily exclaims that if he goes down for this, she’s going with him. Victoria tells Conrad about all of her dealings with Lee, and Conrad is furious that her evil has eclipsed his. He decides to bring in a Special Friend to take care of the situation.

Cut to Daniel back in jail. He’s despondent at how he treated Emily, and is writing … a suicide note! Mr. Brooks shows up at the prison to talk to Daniel about his dumbasshattery, and when he walks up to the cell, he sees a prisoner hanging from a noose. OMG! Daniel is dead!

Oh wait … it’s Lee. Not only did Lee decide to kill himself, he helpfully wrote a note confessing to Tyler’s murder. Mr. Brooks sets the wheels in motion to get Daniel released.

Well, that’s that. Lee has nobly taken the fall for Daniel. I guess he really was loyal to the Graysons, right to the end.

Unless … the Graysons decided to “help” Lee out with his suicide plan. And if they’d go that far … maybe David Clarke’s death in a prison fight was planned as well.

You know what this means …. DOUBLE REVENGE!

This episode surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the end of Daniel’s trial to happens so soon, I thought it might be one of the cliffhangers. But what will Emily do now that she knows that not only did the Graysons imprison her father, but they have also have been responsible for his death?

What did you think?

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