“Revenge” Episode 119: #OccupyDaniel

They keep saying they want to “occupy” me. I don’t what that means, but it sounds dirty.”

This week’s episode had more twists and turns than usual, and everyone in the cast had his or her moment.

Let’s start with Emily, who’s still waiting on news of Daniel‘s release, and in the meantime decides to pay a visit to little half-sis Charlotte, who’s now a full fledged convert to the Rush Limbaugh Life Plan.

She arrives just in time to see Charlotte gazing at pictures and whatnots of David Clarke (aww! There’s David’s first tooth! Aww! There’s David’s first homemade protection shiv!) She also has a photo she dug out of Victoria’s “drawer of incriminating evidence.” It’s a picture of David in prison, writing in a journal, and the date on it is the day he died.

Prison Life by Herb Ritts

Emily realizes that she doesn’t have that journal entry for the day he died, which means it was either never placed in the Infinity Box, or Nolan needs his ass kicked. Turns out it’s the latter, as Nolan receives a call from Emily asking him about that final journal entry, and he hems and haws while trying to get to the safe to dispose of that crucial bit of Clarke history. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that the call is coming from inside the house! Oh, and humans can lick, too.

Before he can totally piss his pants, Emily puts the beat down on him until he confesses that keeping that journal entry away from her was David’s last wish. He didn’t want her to see how paranoid he had become in his last days. Emily notices the scribbling “It will all be over tomorrow when CM comes,” and she checks her Revenge Database and finds the name Carole Miller, who was Conrad‘s personal assistant for years, before she mysteriously died … two days after David’s death.

Donning her “Naughty Medical Receptionist” costume, she breaks into the records building, and discovers that Carole Miller is now Carole Thomas, and living in Pennsylvania.

I miss the “Naughty Hotel Housekeeping” uniform

Emily visits Carole (played by the always reliable Tess Harper), and after Carole sees through her ruse of being a “Homeland Security Agent,” Emily finds herself looking down the barrel of a shotgun. Thankfully, who should come running down the stairs to stop his Aunt Carole but … Nolan!

After the dust settles and Emily’s “I’m going to cut two bitches” look fades away, Nolan explains that his aunt has always been on David’s side, and was investigating Grayson Global from the inside trying to exonerate Emily’s dad. But when Nolan discovered David had been killed, he immediately got his aunt the hell out of Grayson Global and faked her death so she wouldn’t be next on the hit list.

Emily decides to forgive Nolan for his deception, because she knows how important family is, but Carole does give her one crucial piece of info. She needs to beware the man with shocking white hair … he’s the Grayson family hit man … and killed David.

Please tell me i’m not the only one who immediately thought of the albino from Foul Play.

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