“Revenge” Episode 120: Flashback

What a weird, wild world the past was.

Aah … 2002, when we all learned the secrets of Harry Potter‘s chamber, watched Kelly Clarkson defeat Sideshow Bob, and walked A Thousand Miles with Vanessa Carlton.

It was also when Amanda Clarke began her quest for … Reven8e.

Seriously, this episode was fun, but probably the most inconsequential of the series.

The centerpiece was the infamous New Year’s Eve party in 2002. It’s eight months since David Clarke died in prison, and his unstable daughter is wandering the bars of seedytown, kicking the crap out of sleazy gropers and ripping toilet seats off their hinges to add to her collection of rest room memorabilia.

She gets a visit from Nolan, who urges her to read her father’s journals. Maybe it’ll help her to channel her inner rage and torment. Or at least provide a map to a cache of urinal cakes.

And we get our first poll nominee for Most Fabulous Flashback Look. Personally, I prefer this less glossy Nolan, before the unfortunate explosion at the pastel factory.

Over at Grayson Manor, party plans are being set. Unfortunately, Ashley is still in high school, preparing the “Sk8er Boi” themed prom, so it’s just a generic New Year’s Eve this year. Fortunately, some old friends have stopped by this flashback to say hi, including Lydia and her nondescript husband, and good ole’ murderous Frank.

Victoria, who looks almost exactly the same in every time period, takes time out to wander the empty love nest next door, mourning the loss of David and counting all the places they polished the floor together.

We learn that the Grayson’s bought David’s house, and have decided to sell it to Lydia, which is good news for her, since she’s already made her first move at getting Conrad to help lay her area rug.

Before the party starts, Victoria and Conrad are unnerved by an anonymous card they received that looks like a cross between an arty invitation and a fatal paper cut.

But who could have sent it? Fortunately, all of the suspects are there for the party, including Mason Treadwell, Senator Tom Kingsly and the nervous Grayson employee Roger Halsted, who exudes suspicion. Who could it be?

Oh, and we have our second nominee for Most Fabulous Flashback Look. Actually, I think “Mormon Game Show Host” works for Conrad.


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