“Revenge” Episode 215: Brothers & Sisters


In the wake (literally) of Amanda‘s death, Emily vows Double Reven8e on the Graysons, and this time … it’s personal! Okay, it was personal before, too, but now she’s extra pissed!

“This is all your fault, necklace! You’re next on my list.”

We pick things up where we left off. Emily bursts through the door with Nolan trailing closely behind. She’s hell bent on … something, and grabs her gun. Nolan tries to reason with her, saying, “Nate had every reason to go after Jack and Amanda, We do not know the Graysons ordered this.” Now who’s being naive. Emily tells him she needs to go see Jack, but voice of reason Nolan reminds her that they have to wait until someone calls them about Jack’s condition, or everyone will know that they rescued him. she just needs to slow things down a bit. Emily unsuccessfully tries to wash the blood off her hands, and tells Nolan, “Don’t tell me to let go, or ease up, or forgive. Not when I’m standing here covered in the blood of one of the only people that I ever loved.”

Aiden comes in and wonders what the hell is going on, but Nolan tells him to chill while Emily goes upstairs to collect herself and flash back to Amanda dying. She opens the locket in the necklace that Amanda died for, and pulls back one of the pics to reveal the image of a teenage Emily and Amanda in juvie.

While Emily weeps, Nolan gives Aiden his own recap of events, in the perfect Nolan-ism way: “Amanda’s dead, Jack could be dying, Padma‘s father is being tortured, and the only way to keep him from being killed outright is to hand over a potentially lethal computer program than I can complete. Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t what Takeda had in mind when he handed you your revenge degrees?”

Aiden tells Nolan to lay off her, as revenge on the Graysons is all she has left. Emily comes downstairs and tells them that Charlottecalled about Jack, and she’s going to the hospital. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Declan have informed her parents about Jack’s condition, and also that Amanda is missing. As they rush off, Victoria wants to know if The Initiative is behind it, and Conrad explains that it’s probably Nate Ryan. Victoria, in her best Victoria way, asks the question the writers should have asked themselves months ago.

Victoria and Conrad meet Trask in a public park (“The last meeting you called with one of our operatives, she vanished without a trace”), and they explain that the laptop containing all of the blackmail material apparently went down with the ship. Trask sounds dubious, snarking, ‘All your problems wrapped up in a pretty bow.” After he leaves, Victoria tells Conrad. “I don’t think he bought your story.” Conrad responds, “Assuming Ms. Clarke has indeed met her fate, there’s only one person alive who can refute it.” Jack Porter!

BTW, the scene of Trask eating nuts is the most disturbing image this show has ever given us.

The newest Wonderful Pistachio commercial was quickly pulled.

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