Review: “Cthulhu” an Assured, Creepy Gay Horror Flick

As a committed fan of horror movies, I’ll be the first to admit that 90% of the things are utterly unwatchable. And as a gay man (who probably should be committed), I have no problem saying that the odds for any particular "gay movie" being good are even worse. So I apologize if, when a gay horror movie comes along, my expectations are generally set somewhere between "dreading" and "hoping the DVD player explodes before the opening titles".

Enter Cthuhlu, a legitimate gay movie and a legitimate horror movie that somehow manages to also be a solid piece of atmospheric, entertaining filmmaking. Honest-to … well, honest-to-Cthulhu.

Russ (Jason Cottle) is a thirtysomething history professor who is called to his seaside hometown when his mother passes away. Having been estranged from his family for some time because of the fact that he is gay, Russ isn’t thrilled about the idea of returning home, but also isn’t planning on backing down once he’s there regarding the man that he’s grown to be. 

But before he even makes it to his family home, Russ comes across a terrible road accident and stops to help the injured driver. When he tries to assure the man pinned behind the wheel of the overturned truck that help is on the way, the bloodied man grins, "They said you’d be back."

No wonder this guy doesn’t go home more often. 

Back at home, his father’s attitudes toward Russ and his sexuality haven’t changed, and he urges Russ to settle down and start a family. All the talk of families upsets his sister, Dannie (Cara Buono), who reveals that she cannot bear children. Russ’s family seems to be pressuring him to stay in his hometown and settle down, but he doesn’t understand why.

Meanwhile, Russ reconnects with Mike (Scott Patrick Green), who was once his close friend and lover. Mike is now living his life as a straight man, but the connection between the men is still quite strong. They quickly fall back into their old comfortable pattern of friendly flirtation, and Russ soon notices that Mike seems to be stuck in life, unable to keep a job or a relationship, and wonders if his friend is living an unrealized life.

But lest you think that this is all family drama, rest assured there’s something far more sinister afoot. Once home, Russ is plagued by strange visions of men in robes emerging out of the sea and strange writings and symbols. Russ learns that children have been going missing in the town and a girl at the liquor store silently passes him a note urging him not to talk to a drunken sailor who claims to know about the horrible things happening to the missing kids.

And what’s worse, Tori Spelling is hitting on him!

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