“Saturday Night Live” Asks “Who’s On Top?”

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with Alec Baldwin as host. There were quite a few great skits in the season opener, but the one that blew me away was a game show parody called “Who’s
On Top?” Bill Hader, plays the smarmy game show host and explains the game:

“As we all know, when gay men have sex, one is the top and one is the bottom. We’ll show you two male celebrities who HYPOTHETICALLY could have sex. and you decide who is the top and who is the bottom!”

This could have gone so terribly wrong, instead it was actually hilarious and sort of encouraging. Could you imagine something like this airing five years ago? It feels like we may have crossed a point in which gay culture has been truly subsumed by mainstream culture. When the average American TV viewer can perform a mental exercise involving gay sex and tops and bottoms and not run screaming from the room… well, I think maybe the culture war has been won.

I loved the choice of male celebrities. Benigni vs. Depardieu? Brilliant. I wonder if we ought not have an AE feature based on this skit?

Here’s one to get you started:  Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gossellar: both straight, but HYPOTHETICALLY if they were gay, who would be the top and who would be the bottom? Share your answer and reasoning in comments below, but keep it PG please!

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