Save The Date! X-Men’s Northstar Is Getting Hitched!

Okay, it’s not a surprise, as the announcement of the wedding of X-Men Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle has been in the works for a while, but how they’ve decided to do it is a bit shocking.

Tune into ABC at 11a/10a E/C tomorrow as the hosts of ABC’s The View exclusively reveal a major Marvel announcement! This is your first chance to get a look at the moment in Astonishing X-Men #50 that will have everyone talking!

Sure enough, Whoopi and company just announced the engagement on air:

Whoopi – “Marvel is making history with a comic hitting newsstands tomorrow. In Astonishing X-Men #50, openly gay X-Man Northstar wil propose to his boyfriend Kyle, with a gay wedding to follow in an upcoming issue. That’s kinda fantastic.”
Elisabeth – “That’s good.”
Joy – “Do you think Batman and Robin will come out of the closet now?”
Whoopi – “You know what I love about this? When I was a kid and bought these magazines, you never saw an array of people. Now there are black people there, gay people there … it’s kind of amazing.”
Barbara – “Good for them.”

We’ll have the full video in tonight’s Briefs

Yes, the “big announcement” was calculated down to to the most minute detail, but the fact that they chose such a mainstream show (and probably left many jaws agape) is a good sign of progress … or a way to hype a “controversy.”

In any event, big congrats to Northstar and Kyle, and if they’re registered anywhere, I call the Salad Spinner. And because Northstar is French-Canadian, maybe we can pitch in and get Celine to perform. They already know her lyrics, of course.

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