Say Howdy to the Cast of “The A-List: Dallas!” Cowboys, Cheerleaders & Trust Fund Studs!

Saddle up and get ready to ride with “A-List: Dallas” cast members Beau, Ashley, Phillip, James, Chase & Levi. Or should we call this “1 Cheerleader 5 Gays?”

Yes, cowboys and cowgirls!!! Whether you’re ready or not it’s time to get a peek at the cast of big, brassy Texans heading your way as Logo (’s parent company) preps to start shooting “The A-List: Dallas” this summer. Coming hot on the heels of “The A-List: New York” which has already starting shooting its second season all across the plains and prairies of Manhattan and beyond, the Texas take on life among the gay glam set is just about ready to ride.

(And yep, you might have seen the Gawker item earlier today. As Drag Race‘s Alexis Mateo might put it… “BAM!!!”)

So, let’s get to it. (And yes, I’m already salivating over the all-musical “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” tribute episode. Hey, if Glee can do Rocky Horror…)


Phillip is the one cast member you DIDN’T read about on Gawker. But he’s definitely worth a headline or two… HANDSOME, MUCH?

Here’s what we’re hearing:

Phillip – Age 23 – Occupation: Entrepreneur/Socialite

“Phillip is a Dallas native who knows the city (and everyone’s business) like the back of his hand. It’s a good idea to be on Phillip’s good side; if you’ve got skeletons in his closet — he knows about them. Phillip may be the life of the party, but in his personal life he’s a sensitive, caring guy who wants nothing more than to fall in love.”

Ooooh, sounds fun. So he’s maybe kind of dishy and sly, but really just wants to find a good man. A-List NY Equivalent: Derek?


Yup. She’s a lady. And that’s not all…

Ashley – Age: 25 – Occupation: Photographer/Model/Cheerleading Coach

“Hometown: Belton, TX – Like birds of a feather that flock together, the gays of Dallas flock to Ashley Kelly. This Dallas beauty has a big smile and miles of attitude. Ashley is caught between two vastly different worlds: The strict conservative world of her family and her other family – the A-List gays of Dallas.”

OMG. Thank god we have a cheerleader up in here! (This is Dallas, after all.) I’m getting a sassy, decidedly “Sugarbaker” vibe here and I like it. I’m also up for a little Dora Lee Rhodes, please. (Yes, I know… I’m stereotyping. Sue me.) There better be some batons twirling, and I hope she’s got a handgun in her purse. Please?

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