“Shameless” 2.04 Recap: “Fiona Gallagher Boned My Daddy”

Them pesky Gallaghers from Shameless are back with more sun-soaked chaos, with this week’s shenanigans centering around Debs’ festering loserdom problem and Frank’s increasingly tenuous tenure at Sheila’s place. The episode was light and fun, but managed to sandwich a good deal of angst between a few impressive pickle-shots and a bang of a capper. Let’s dig in!

It’s Cheerio-peppered bedlam at Debbie Day Care, which drives Debs (Emma Kenney) to duck into the powder room to decapitate a Barbie in a fit of caregiver’s rage. (That powder room gets quite a bit of action this episode – is it the first time we’ve ever seen it? They’re getting their money’s worth on that set!) There’s a knock at the back door, and a blond with a baby asks for Fiona. Debs thinks it’s a potential client, but I’m more convinced it’s Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan) from True Blood. ‘Cause it is.

Debs wakes Fiona (Emmy Rossum) for the new client intake, but when she gets downstairs the crazy blond goes at her with a bat (baby still strapped to her chest, mind you) – turns out it’s Lucy Jo Heisner (wife of Craig, with whom Fiona had momentously bad sex last episode) and she ain’t happy. She chases Fiona down an alley, howling like a polecat the whole way.

Frank (William H. Macy), meanwhile, comes into Sheila’s kitchen for breakfast but ends up getting a plateful of Jody‘s (Zach McGowan) sausage instead. (As Jody points out while standing nude in the kitchen, “You gotta air it out.”) Now THAT is how you do full-frontal male nudity, folks!

Turns out Sheila is out trying to make her way to the beauty salon. Jody makes Frank eggs (still nude) and Fiona runs in and hides under the table. Frank joins her and they laugh that she’s turning into her father, and Frank points out that she’s always getting into trouble because she always “picks pussies”. Fiona texts this pearl of wisdom to Craig. Suddenly the breakfast meat arrives again, right in Fiona’s face: “You want some eggs?” I think we’ve got all the huevos we need for today, Jody – but thanks.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Karen (Laura Wiggins) are in the van rolling joints to sell to children from the ice cream truck. Ah, youth! When they finish Lip takes his shirt off, assuming that they’re going to have sex – but Karen says no and reminds him that she’s engaged. He says she doesn’t even know Jody, and she replies, “I know enough to know he’s enough.” She says she hopes that they can still be friends and they notice that Carl has installed a shrine to Megan Fox on the van’s ceiling.

Speaking of Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), he’s made a new friend named Little Hank who has his own housesitting business. Currently he and Carl are chugging airline-sized liquor bottles from a client’s stash when said client – who is a little person – comes home unexpectedly and of course runs them out of the house for raiding his bar. On the way out Carl notes, “I thought you were kidding about the midget thing!”

Back at home, Kevin (Steve Howey) is in the above-ground pool trying to talk Ethel (Madison Davenport) into joining, but she won’t without her “swimming costume”. Kev gives Fiona a hard time about her Craig problem, pointing out that if she keeps it up all the guys will have to “run their dicks through the dishwasher”. Hey – maybe that’s what Jody was up to? I hope he remembered to add the no-spot rinse!

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