“Shameless” 2.05 Recap: “If She Charges By the Load, So Can We!”

After last week’s Worst Sleepover Ever, Shameless picked up the pace a bit this week with an episode filled with surprise reveals, misunderstandings, and of course the requisite levels of booze, vomit and sex. All in a day’s work!

We start things off on a yacht, momentarily confusing my Sunday night Showtime-watching self into thinking that this is actually Dexter. My confusion is doubled when the group of seafaring revelers snag the catch of the week: a corpse! Ah, but this isn’t the work of the Lake Michigan Butcher – it’s the thawed-out remains of Eddie Jackson.

Ethan Cutosky and Emma Kenney

Back at Gallagher House, Carl (Ethan Cutosky) has rented Frank’s room to a hooker known as Double-Bag Bev – a name she didn’t get from working at the grocery store. We also get a flash nightmare of Carl as a drug mule about to swallow a condom full of some kind of narcotic. [SHUDDER] Carl and Li’l Hank (Nicky Corba) try to drill a hole in the bathroom wall so that they can charge kids to watch Bev shower, but Fiona (Emmy Rossum) insists, “No peepholes!” Richard calls to ask Fiona to a wedding, and Bev interrupts the call to ask, “Got any Vagisil? I’ve been scratchin’ under the hood all night!”

Over at Sheila’s, Frank (William H. Macy) apparently puked on the porch (and himself) and Jody (Zach McGowan) and his enormous penis had to clean it up. Jody has also made scrambled eggs and bacon bits for “Mom”, who is still shell-shocked from the whole airplane-tire-from-the-sky thing. Frank knocks on her door and Sheila (Joan Cusack) passes him a full bedpan that looks more like a salad bowl. He tells her that Eddie’s body was found in the lake and she takes it well. Not.

Jody goes into the bathroom to break it to Karen (Laura Wiggins) that her dad is dead, but she’s more interested in getting Jody’s pants off. Which she does. He eventually gives up on breaking her the good/bad news and lets her go to town.

Debs (Emma Kenney) grills Carl about Li’l Hank and learns that he’s into knives and swords and all the things that any self-respecting budding Dahmer is into. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) eats Cheerios and waves to let us know that yes, he is still on the show and among the living. When Lip (Jeremy Allen White) tries to talk Debs out of going for Hank, she tells him, “The heart wants what the heart wants – you should know that better than anyone.” Touche, Li’l Ginge.

Meanwhile, the hooker is hogging the washing machine, which irks Fiona: “If she can charge by the load, so can we.” HA! Okay, that was good, Fi. Then she smacks Lip for knocking up Karen (a guess she’s making based on odds) and tells him that she’s not taking care of another kid.

William H. Macy

Back at Sheila’s, Frank fake-cries to try to get her to tell him where Eddie’s money and financial records are. Sheila, thankfully, is too much of a mess to pick up on his cues.

Veronica (Shenola Hampton), meanwhile, schools Ethel (Madison Davenport) on the various nicknames for crack that she will no doubt be offered at the playground. When she finds out that Ethel is going to said playground with Malik, she is concerned. She also learns that Kev lied about coaching a game the night before – is he stepping out on her?

Back home, Deb is whored up in makeup and bathing in Fiona’s perfume in the hopes of attracting Hank. It’s like Toddlers and Tiaras: Unsupervised.

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