“Shameless” 2.08 Recap: “The Dirtiest White Boy in America”

Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum

After taking a week off to let the Oscars do all the hard partying, the Gallagher clan was back last night with an epside that felt like another step in its continued return to form after a somewhat lackluster first half of the second season. Let’s jump in and see who was the most Shameless this week!

We start off with Frank (William H. Macy) drinking Old Styles (still got it!) on Sheila‘s (Joan Cusack) floor. Wait – didn’t she kick him to the curb? Anyway, apparently he’s upset that his mom has cancer (Sheila asks, “the bad kind?” as if there were any other) and after initiatlly trying to show Frank the silver lining (and convince him that the sun will come out tomorrow), Sheila eventually admits, “Well, if anyone deserves cancer, it’s your mother.”

This Hallmark moment brought to you by beer, bitterness, and several decades sleeping within reaching distance of the L train’s third rail.

Stephanie Fantauzzi

Apparently Gram (Louise Fletcher) has been moved to Sheila’s because after she set the Gallagher Compound on fire, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) isn’t keen on letting her back in. Things are business as usual there, with Carl (Ethan Cutosky) yammering on about how his football coach was arrested for exposing himself to kids, leading him to a rare moment of clarity: “Half the world has penises; why are people so upset about seeing them?” From the mouths of babes, truly. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) refuses to take the gig, because he is clearly too busy trying to avoid being involved in any of the storylines that actually get air time. Steve (Justin Chatwin), who has never been camera shy, shows up with coffee, donuts, and Estefania, whose conversations in Portuguese can now magically be heard through the wonder of subtitles. This leads to one of the funnier moments in the episode, when she tells the mystery person on the other end of the line that she is in some kind of filthy halfway house and is “holding a crack baby” that happens to be wee Liam.

Naturally, Steve/Jimmy takes the coaching gig when he hears that Fiona will show up at the games.

Noel Fisher, Cameron Monaghan, and a well-placed BJ

Frank hits the Kash & Grab, but when he finds it locked, he has to sneak in the back door. When he reaches into the cooler for some booze, he very nearly gets a handful of tight teen pooper instead, and is treated to the sight of Ian‘s ripe trousermelons pumping away in the walk-in. When he sees that the recipient of said pumping is Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher), he isn’t the least bit fazed – in fact, he makes a not-terrible pun about having to “come in the back” and then robs the joint. Mickey doesn’t look terribly pleased – indeed, he thinks they should kill Frank before he blabs about it. Ian says he’ll talk to him.

Fiona wakes Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and tries to make him go to school. He’s dropping out, blah blah. But they do make a deal – if she finishes high school, so will he.

Frank is mixing Jack Daniels and orange juice on Sheila’s porch. Ian comes to talk to him, but Frank wanders off before he has the chance. Sheila, meanwhile, is sending Jody (Zack McGowan) – who is still living in a tent under the L tracks – messages via kazoo when Karen is gone and the coast is clear for him to come inside. Hmm. Is it just me or is Sheila a bit too invested in Jody’s well-being?

Mickey and his similarly filthy brothers suit up to kill Frank. They are truly terrifying, as evidenced by the fact that instead of a pantry in their kitchen, they have a supplies closet from Hostel.

Karen (Laura Wiggins) tells Lip that she wants to give the baby up for adoption after “vadging it out”. She’s also not terribly concerned with abstaining from drugs in the meantime, pointing out that Frank and Monica were on all kinds of crap while Lip was in utero, and he came out a genius. After Karen skates, a guidance counselor who is apparently watching Lip’s back tells him that he’s not getting away with just taking tech classes and is going to excel and get a full scholarship to an Ivy League school.

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