“Shameless” 2.09 Recap: “Your Kids Eat Off That Table!”

This week the Gallagher clan dealt with the fallout from the one-two punch of Grammy‘s death and the return of Monica, the kids’ mother. Unsurprisingly, dealing with both elements involved plenty of booze and yelling.

Let’s cheers and dig in!

Chloe Webb, Ethan Cutowski, and William H. Macy

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) wakes up (the best sleep mask ever firmly in place) to hear sounds in the kitchen and no kids on the second floor, save baby Liam. She hopes that it’s prodigal brother Lip, and is not too happy to instead find Mommy Monica (Chloe Webb) whipping up pancakes in the kitchen. Frank (William H. Macy) offers her a Gallagher Mimosa (Old Style and OJ) and Debs (Emma Kenney) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) come in and learn that A) Grammy is dead and cooling it at the morgue; and B) Monica is back. Neither are cause for much celebration. Carl (Ethan Cutowski) is excited at the prospect of having his mouth washed out with soap, so he can “fart bubbles”.

Emma Greenwell and Cameron Monaghan

Ian and Mandy (Emma Greenwell) walk into what looks like a maximum security prison but is, in fact, their school. Ian asks how Mickey is doing in juvie and Mandy says he sounds okay. Ian tells her, “You’re lucky your mom’s dead.”

Over at Casa Jackson, Sheila (Joan Cusack) wants to become a hospice nurse. I hope someone has clued her in on the fact that hospice nurses don’t always get the pleasure of suffocating their clients with their butts. Jody (Zach McGowan) suggests that she get her nursing degree online at the University of River Phoenix. Bless him.

Laura Wiggins

There’s some disturbing talk about the fact that Karen absorbed her twin in the womb (which explains a lot about her but may just be setting up Karen to have twins, IMHO), and Sheila tells Karen (Laura Wiggins) that she doesn’t want Lip staying over anymore, reminding her that Jody is a good man. Karen counters that Jody is an idiot, and she just may be onto something there.

Back at Chez Gallagher, Steve (Justin Chatwin) arrives with coffee and donuts, and Fiona is left to clean up Monica’s breakfast mess. Still got it, Monica! Carl uses a jelly doughnut to impersonate “a bloody butthole”. Makes a mother proud, dunnit? Debs inquires after their lunches, leading Fiona to yell, “Sh*t!” Carl reminds her that they already had that for breakfast. HA! Monica comes back to clean up her mess, and Fiona tells her about Lip moving out and eventually reluctantly leaves Liam with Monica and Frank to go to work.

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