“Shameless” 2.12 Recap: Daddy Issues


This week’s season finale of Shameless had some massive shoes to fill after last week’s five star episode – and yet somehow it managed to not only fill those shoes, but to take them for a victory stroll down the runway.

William H. Macy

We start with Frank (William H. Macy) screaming “Monica!” at the windows of the hospital in the middle of the night. It’s like an older, boozier, and whiter West Side Story. A security guard who is clearly not a Sondheim fan tells him to can it.

Over at the Jackson’s, Sheila (Joan Cusack) and Jody (Zack McGowan) are playing house with Karen’s baby, to whom Sheila refers as “My little kung pow blessing.” The baby – who is seriously adorable – has a security bracelet around its leg that Jody calls a “baby lo-jack”. They decide that they have to hide him but since the attic is too cold, they opt to keep the kid in the dryer.

Over at the Gallagher’s, the kids come home from the hospital to find the ruins of their abandonded Thanksgiving, plus a pool of blood in the kitchen that may have been borrowed from the set of Dexter. The grown-ups send the kids to bed and Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Jimmy-nee-Steve (Justin Chatwin) start cleaning up the blood, but then Fiona, elbows-deep in blood, loses it. After a minute she gets herself together again. That poor thing. Kev (Steve) and Veronica (Shenola Hampton) leave quietly and Jimmy and Fiona embrace and kiss. They go upstairs and start to get undressed, but are interrupted by Debs (Emma Kenney), who comes in to sit on the bed and cry on Fiona’s shoulder. Carl (Ethan Cutkowsky) and Ian (Cameran Monaghan) join them. It’s a beautiful, terrible scene.

Over at the hospital, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) watches Karen (Laura Wiggins) sleep and brushes her hair back from her eyes, which is the international sign for “I love you but I’m only willing to touch you when you’re sleeping, when you can’t yell at me.” The next morning Karen tells him that her mom stole the baby and that she doesn’t want “the f*cking thing” anywhere near her. But she does want some French Toast Sticks from Wendy’s, STAT. Yep – still a broken, empty shell of a woman, everything’s fine!

Chloe Webb

Frank visits Monica (Chloe Webb), who tells him that she has had herself voluntarily committed for 60 days. She can’t imagine what her suicide attempt at Thanksgiving might have done to the kids. I’m guessing a lifetime of emotional scarring and an aversion to pumpkin pie?

Fiona wants to meet Jimmy’s family, but he insists that she doesn’t. V comes over for a cup of cocaine and/or coffee. Frank wants to bust Monica out of the psych ward, saying that they’ll lobotomize her or fry her brain (too late!). Fiona says that they don’t do shock treatment anymore but V points out that “Princess Leia did it.” True. Fiona gets a letter telling her that she passed the GED. Good for her!

Over at Sheila’s, Jody has gotten a contraption that allows women who aren’t breastfeeding to simulate the process with tubes that they tape to their nipples, which he then demonstrates. He apparently gets a kick out of the sensation, because he can’t stop giggling. Somebody put on some Seal! Karen demands to know where the baby is, and Sheila plays dumb. Karen mentions the security footage of Sheila taking the kid. “Oh, that baby.” Karen orders her mom to take the baby out of the dryer, refusing to touch him. Jody, meanwhile, is lactating through his shirt. Karen says some insanely horrible things about sending the baby to “the retard freakshow home” and storms out, with an incredulous Lip following.

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