“Shameless” Episode 109 Recap: “Oh Mickey, You’re So F**ked!”

The post-Disney years have not been kind to Lilo & Stitch

Hey, all, Welcome to this week’s Shameless recap. Ready, set, go!

Frank wakes up at what looks like the aftermath of a Hawaiian-themed frat party, but inexplicably does not have an apple in his mouth.

He gets word that he has some settlement money coming his way from one of the many scams he has cooking, and heads down to his lawyer’s office, which also doubles as a daycare for kids … and dogs (which is absolutely brilliant. I can see it now – rows of dishes filled with Mighty Dog and strained peas, and the floor littered with chew toys and Zweiback.)

The lawyer is played by Alex Borstein, who’s best known for Family Guy and Mad TV, but I’ll always remember her as the victim of deadly face cream in the classic Catwoman. She also wrote this, and a few other episodes of Shameless.

She tells Frank that he has cash coming from the city for the “injury” he suffered when a train door closed on his foot. There’s just one catch – both he and his ex-wife Monica have to sign the papers together. So does this mean we’ll finally get to meet the mythical Mother Gallagher?

We soon get the answer when Frank heads over to Sheila‘s house and asks her to call a number, pretend to be a spokesperson from a grocery store and ask for “Monica,” and tell her that she won $100 dollars and a giant teddy bear. Especially a giant teddy bear.

Monica agrees to show up for the money and the giant teddy bear, especially the giant teddy bear, and Frank hitches a ride with Kev and is waiting when she arrives. Unfortunately, Monica shows up in a semi with her lover Roberta, who goes berserk when the store doesn’t have a giant teddy bear to give them, and Monica has to plead with her not smash the manager with a shovel. The two of them together are a bad women-in-prison movie. Or a bad roadshow of Desperate Living

Sensing this might not be the best time to reunite with his ex, Frank decides to stumble away. Not fast enough, though, because Monica sees him in the rear view mirror, and she and Roberta begin their pursuit.

Frank and Kev hightail it over to Sheila’s house, but Roberta and Monica follow, and burst in demanding a pound of Frank’s flesh … and a giant teddy bear.

Monica (played by Chloe Webb) and Frank begin to argue about why she left (he turned her into an “emotional cripple”), and he accuses her of abandonment. Watching Chloe argue with an obnoxious, wasted asshat definitely brings back memories of Sid & Nancy … but with more dysfunction.

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