“Shameless” Finale Recap: “To Butt Buddies!”

Episode 412

Before we start, I just have to say: Goddamn you, Shameless. Last week you lulled us into complacency with a spirited episode involving organ harvesting and bar brawls. And then you turn around and dickslap us with what many have been fearing all along: that Ian Gallagher has inherited his mother’s mental illness. It was agonizing to watch, all the more so because of the recognition on his siblings’ faces (they are all too familiar with depression) and because it came at the point where Mickey is finally all-in with his carrot-topped beau.

So I guess the ultimate point of this script-flipped season was that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We start with a wall of ice – wait, is this Game of Thrones?! I knew agreeing to recap both shows in one night was a mistake!

At the hospital, Frank (William H. Macy) is waking up. And freaking out. He finds both the catheter and his wedding ring. He recognizes Sammi (Emily Bergl) but not himself as “Mr. Gallagher” or the head of a brood of Native American kids. Okay, I’m already bored. Let’s get to the kids, amiright?

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) wakes, smokes, and complains to Debs (Emma Kenney) about the lack of heat. The management sends its apologies, Lip. Debs asks if Amanda is sleeping there, and decides, “I like her as long as she’s paying some bills.” Lip wakes Carl (Ethan Cutkowky) – and Bonnie – and seems concerned that they’re sleeping together. BECAUSE THEY ARE TEN. Carl says that it’s okay because they aren’t having sex because Bonnie was molested by a biker. Sweet Jeebus, somebody get me a hot water bottle…

Lip looks at the bills, and Debs sums it up for him: they need $1900 to pay everything off. He tells Carl that the house isn’t an orphanage, and Bonnie and her siblings have to go. Debs and Carl want to visit Fiona and don’t care how far away it is. Lip calls her prison a “country club” and “not Guantanamo.”

Episode 412

Cut to Fiona (Emmy Rossum) getting bed-checked and hit on by a fellow inmate who gives her a pill, saying, “It’ll make the day go by easier.” Ugh. Don’t do it, Fi!

Lip piles the kids into the car – including the trunk. As someone whose own mother rode in the trunk of a car to a Styx concert (of her own volition!), I agree this is an enterprising use of cargo space.

Amanda asks Lip if he has a suit, because she wants him to come to some bullshit sorority thing

Ian (Cameron Monaghan) spoons Mickey (Noel Fisher) in Mickey’s bed. Awww! Mickey gets up, and touches Ian’s face as he sleeps. OMG THE FEELS.

Real tears. The first of many.

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