“Skyfall” Homoerotic Poster: Thank You For Smoking

Forgive me, but I have no idea why people are claiming Skyfall is one of the top Bond films ever. Is it the shadowiness people like? The fact that ,strong>Judi Dench acted as “bond girl”?

What I saw was a fine, but unadventurous romp where Bond basically declared, “I know how I’ll beat this bad guy — taking him back to my dad’s house!” before he launched into a Home Alone-like attack on dumb foot soldiers and their flitty leader (Javier Bardem). Oh well. The important thing is we have this fan-made homoerotic poster to discuss.

First of all, the idea of James Bond approaching Raoul Silva and blowing smoke rings in his face is so… awesomely anti-D.A.R.E. It’s so high school bad boy. So classic and naughty and kinda funny that way.

But secondly, this poster draws attention to what the new Bond movie needed more of: unusual relationships between its big characters. We witnessed a new Moneyponey enter Bond’s life, but their rapport was only somewhat sexual and mostly generic. We watched M kick more ass alongside James Bond, but that camaraderie didn’t reveal anything. We saw one single moment of homoeroticism between James Bond and Raoul Silva, but that amounted to a couple of cheeky one-liners. I want to see James Bond develop actually quirky relationships, not just his classic correspondences with dashes of humanity or sauciness thrown in. More naughty repartee with Silva would’ve gone a long way.

The poster’s kinda hot, though. What say you?


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