“Smash” – Man Behaving Badly

Jimmy’s continuing erratic behaviour threatens the future of Hit List again some more.

Previously, on Smash

Good morning, and welcome to the fourth hour of The Today Show! Kathie Lee Gifford is here with the cast of Bombshell to report on some theatre program where talented moppets from across the country are flown in to New York to see Broadway shows by night and take master classes from real Broadway performers by day. Today they’re learning the Twentieth Century Fox mambo. Kathie Lee is dressed up like Marilyn which is a fairly terrifying sight. Her interview with Ivy establishes that Ivy’s schedule is punishing but then that isn’t really developed any further over the course of the episode so OK. Santana Lopez From Fifteen Years In The Future is doing that mouth-corner-pointing-at-smile-signal thing at Ivy from the sidelines which is pretty hilarious.

Ivy, Kathie Lee, Bobby, Jessica and a handful of other chorines launch into the number and Megan Hilty takes another song away from Katharine McPhee.

Smash - Season 2

Unfortunately we don’t get the full number as we cut away to Eileen and Tom watching on a monitor. Eileen is surprised Julia is missing out. Tom left her a message. Eileen thought they were still living together. She awkwardly segues from that mine field to a new one, suggesting Tom and Julia start thinking about their next project after Gatsby. Tom hadn’t heard that Scott announced Gatsby to his board earlier in the week.

Karen and Ana pose for a photographer from New York magazine. Ana’s holding a gun on Karen and the photographer is sensing some tension. Some murderous in-tension.


Wrapping their shoot, he calls for Jimmy Charming, who is two hours late. Ana notes that he left in his costume last night. His costumes look exactly like what he always wears; how could she tell?

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