Smoking pot makes you gay! And hot! And incestuous!

Those helpful Public Service Announcements produced by the Department of Good Intentions have probably been around since cavemen first scrawled on rock walls (hunting mammoth drunk BAD!). We all remember those PSA's warning you not to touch yourself or you'd get hairy palms try drugs or you'd walk off a high rise or play Dungeons and Dragons lest you end up sacrificing babies to Beezlebub. Well, via our friend John over at New Now Next, we can tell you Canada MTV has a new anti-drug PSA out that seems to indicate toking weed will drive you to start kissing other guys–really inappropriate guys.

I can't find a YouTube clip so you'll have to go to Advertising Age to watch the whole thing. On the plus side, no one leaps up and rips out chest hair or gets whacked with a tire iron after the kiss. On the down side, what message are they sending here? At first it seems to be implying that pot will mess you up so bad that you'll kiss another guy, but then there is the "twist" and you see that twist is supposed to be the messed up aspect. Still, I think it is a pretty mixed message that doesn't entirely work. I can't say I about crazy about it. What do you think? Is my sense of humor in need of a tune up?

(FYI, there isn't any dope out there strong enough to cause me to kiss my brother! No offense, Chris!)

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