“So You Think You Can Dance” (Week 3) recaplet: This show’s banoodles!

Mark and Chelsie in a standoff

So You Think You Can Dance has been krumpin’ its way through Season 4 for a couple weeks now so I’m incredibly pleased to finally bring a recaplet to AfterElton.com!  You’re probably asking yourself why it took three weeks of competition before we had a recap and the answer is simple… I’ve been riding Mary Murphy’s Hot Tamale Train and just now had a moment to jump off and rehash the incredible performance and elimination episodes. (Ed: If “riding Mary Murphy’s Hot Tamale Train” is a euphemism … I don’t want to know.)

Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance (dance, dance, dance)!

For those of you at home that are not SYTYCD fans, you’re really missing out.  If you happen to be a die-hard Dancing with the Stars fan, you’re insane, and I beg of you to tune in next Wednesday night and witness the brilliance.  Honestly, the kids on SYTYCD are in a completely different league and if this was Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Ozone and Enzo would be wiping the floor with that Christy Yamaguchi chick.  Sho’nuff

As for comparisons to Step It Up and Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew (I adore both), they’re so different that you can’t really compare them.

You’ll find that my recaps are a little less about the technical side of dancing and a little about the snarky “oh no she didn’t wear that” side of watching one of the gayest non-gay shows on television.  The only dance background I have involves a grade school talent show and something I got paid for during college that we do not want to mention here. Oh wait, curses…

Each season I pick a SYTYCD TV BOYFRIEND and I blog about all the dirty little things I’d like to do to those boys. It’s harmless fun.  That’s always a little awkward when we eventually meet or one of their sisters contacts me and hooks me up with backstage passes to the tour. (Enablers!)

Season 2′s choice was the incredible Travis Wall and last season it was that cutie-patootie Neil Haskell. I’m still in the market for a Season 4 boytoy so I’m open for suggestions. Right now I’m leaning towards Twitch, Mark, or choreographer Napoleon … so many choices, so little time!

Before we move onto the competition, I must say how incredibly fierce host Cat Deeley is.  The glamazon dances worse than Ellen but is hands down the best reality show host in the world.  She’s gorgeous, funny, a fashion template and most importantly a goddess Mother to each and every one of the kids on the show.  She calls them he r”babies” and that, my friends, is adorable!

Host Cat Deeley

This week, one of my favorite guest Judges was back, Mr. Adam Shankman.  The Shank is loud, out and proud up there from the Judges podium and the man brings this incredible energy, honesty and knowledge to the show.  Judge Mary Murphy looked less like a Flintstones drag queen this week but still her make-up was heavy and that bedazzled dress a hot mess.

The dance world lost Cyd Charisse this past week and Exec. Producer/Judge Nigel Lythgoe said some kind words about the dancing legend.  For a show that is heavily watched by tweens (and me), I thought it was a nice touch and the clips they showed hopefully inspired one or two viewers to learn more about her.

Now on with the show…

First on stage this week were two of my faves, Twitch and Kherington Payne, aka Twitchington!  They were looking Cell Block Chic in their orange jumpsuits and nailed their Hip-Hop routine.  Twitch is one fine specimen of man, he’s tall with an incredible body and those nerd glasses … to die for.  She’s bright and bubbly but Miss Thang held her own up there.

Courtney and Gev work it out

Next up were our fictional lovebirds, Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian.  She’s this gorgeous Rachel Bilson-esque lyrical dancer and he’s the awkward yet adorable breaker with the biggest crush on the girl.  It’s ridonk how the show keeps trying to force that storyline down our throats.  Let the kids dance, leave the drama for those skanks on The Real World.  Courtney’s blue half-dress was crazy sexy and that ass-grabbing lift was hot business!  These two are the underdogs and I kind of love that about them.

Chris Jarosz and Comfort Fedoke went all Tarzan meets Mad Max for this Tyce Diorio Jazz number set oddly enough to the music of Marilyn Manson.  The mashup of Manson and jazz could have been something wild, frenetic and unpredictable but these two couldn’t pull it off.  She’s a hip-hopper and he’s, well I don’t know what he is other than not-so-good.  I’ve wanted to like this pairing all season because Comfort is a character and seriously hardcore when it comes to hip-hop but they’re always lacking that “Wow Factor” those British judges always yammer on about.

Disco is one of the kiss of death routines on SYTYCD so when Jessica King and Will Wingfield drew that style, I thought for sure it was a set up.  These two have been in the Bottom 3, dancing to stay in the competition each week and obviously the Producers were setting them up to fail.  There is always something inherently cheesy when Disco is performed on the show (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Disco) but this routine by Doriana Sanchez was edgier and harder than what we’re typically used to.  Unfortunatly, they didn’t dance it hard enough and there were some major mishaps. (Like that dead-drop where she slammed onto the floor like a fish.)

A rainbow of fruit flavors: Kourtni and Matt

Uma Thurman Kourtni Lind and gangly whats-it Matt Dorame win the award for the Gayest Costumes of the night for their comic book inspired boho-Hobbit look. I absolove Kourtni and Matt.  Together they’re 12 feet of oddball energy (he wears a homemade Ninja mask which basically a pair of Hot Topic striped tights with a hole in them) and this week they did a great job in their quirky Contemporary routine. Now, let’s talk about their Jane Child cum Sinead O’Connor choreographer Sonya Tayeh who is new to the show!  She flies her freak flag proudly and her mohawk is fantastic! I’ve got nothing bad to say so let’s move on…

Chelsea Traille and Thayne Jasperson (or as my friend Kath says: “Thayne, that’s not a name, it’s a major appliance” – Oh Pretty In Pink I love you) unfortunately pulled the Quickstep out of the hat this week.  Ouch.  The quickstep should be banned from this show because very few contestants have ever been able to come close to having the crazy foot-skills needed to make the dance work.  Chelsea and Thayne’s steps were far from quick and Phil Collins was making me a little ill so I couldn’t wait for this one to end. Thankfully they had a spare Charleston in their back pocket and their wonderful personalities to get them through the number because child

Chelsie (not to be confused with Chelsea) Hightower and Mark Kanemura were hands down the couple to beat this week.  He’s this really goofy bird boy and she’s the cute blonde girl who this week stepped it up big time and killed their Napoleon and Tabitha hip-hop routine.  Mark looked damn good in a suit and made me reconsider him as a possible SYTYCD TV Boyfriend for the summer.  It was a tale as old as time about the overworked husband dedicated to his job and the frustrated wife at home.  It was emotional, sexy, powerful and crazy beautiful.

Katee Shean and Joshua Allen were the last couple to perform this week and shockingly my second favorite.  I’ve dogged Katee since the Vegas auditions because I truly believe her roommate should have made the cut instead but this week I had to eat crow because the girl was slammin’!  Joshua is a wonderful and innocent bear of a boy that I just want to squeeze and put in my pocket, he’s that adorable, and he’s one of the best guys in the competition.  This was the first week where she rose to his level and it made for one hell of a Samba!

Here’s how SYTYCD eliminations work: The couples perform on Wednesday (though its taped on Monday), America calls in and votes and Thursday night we find out who’s going home.  It’s not rocket science but there is a catch.  Until the Top 10 are revealed, America’s votes only determine the Bottom 3 couples.  Those 6 dancers then perform a solo routine or as we like to call it “dancing for their lives” and the Judges pick one guy and one girl to go home.

Last night was the results show and to fill the hour we were treated to a Mia Michaels-choreographed Tim Burton meets Lion King by way of A Clockwork Orange group number that was simply wonderful.  She’s the high priestess of fierceness and one of the best things SYTYCD has going for it.  If you’re not familiar with her I can sum it up for you …  She coined the word “banoodles” (which if Gwen Stefani doesn’t make into a song I’ll be incredibly sad) and has been known to scream out “Don’t be such a needy dancer” during rehearsals.  Mia is not messing around and I love her!

After that it was judgement time.  Cat slowly revealed the Bottom 3 couples and for the first two I was right there with you America but that third one had me damn near breaking vases in my livingroom.

The Bottom 3: Chelsea and Thayne, Chris and Comfort, Jessica and Will Kourtni and Matt *wha-wha-wha-what?  There is no way Kourtni and Matt deserved to be in the Bottom 3.  I was livid!

The solos are always great because you sometimes forget what style of dance each contestant has a background in because week after week they’re forced to tackle a different genre.  It’s also one last chance to predict who the Judges will send home.  I walked away from the solos positive that Chris and Kourtni were going home and that killed me because until her solo I thought for sure Kourtni was safe.

In the end, as predicted we lost Chris but then the Judges threw me a curveball and sent the Tina Turner lookin’ Chelsea Traille home as well!  If you’re a geek like me, you instantly Twittered about the crime against humanity that just occurred and raged in message boards until the wee hours of the morning.  I have to keep telling myself that it’s too early to get worked up about losing one of my favorite dancers, then I smash another vase and all is well in the world again.


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