So You Think You Can Interview Travis Wall

“So, do you think you could interview Travis Wall?” We’ve been getting that request a lot around here, so thanks to everyone who pushed for it. We’re happy to deliver!

Travis Wall is just 23-years-old, which is easy to forget when you consider what he’s already managed to
accomplish. Dancing all his life, he starred in a nationwide Dr.
Pepper commercial
when he was nine. He was performing on Broadway in a
revival of The Music Man at 12. But perhaps
his biggest break as a dancer came in 2006, when then 18-year-old Travis
competed on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance.

If nothing else, you probably remember that
gorgeous (and Emmy-winning) Mia Michaels
routine he performed with Heidi Groskreutz
called The Bench. recently ranked it as #2 on their
list of the 15
greatest So You Think You Can Dance

Travis was the runner-up in Season 2, and even though he was
widely considered to be one of the most technically gifted dancers ever on the
show, like many other SYTYCD
contestants, that might easily have been the last that people outside the dance world heard from him.

Not so, because it turns out dancing is one of Travis’ minor talents. Travis returned to SYTYCD in
Season 5 as a choreographer, and ever since he’s been contributing some of the
show’s most exciting and memorable contemporary numbers.

The handsome blond kid from Virginia Beach, VA
is also raising eyebrows with some recent tweeted conversations between himself
and a fellow named GymDom. Inquiring
minds want to know: Are they a couple? Is Travis offically “out”?

The answer to that is yes, Travis is out. In fact, he never
really considered himself “in” and is a bit surprised at all the
fuss those tweets caused.

We recently had a chance to talk with this amazing talent
about his boyfriend, his family, his experiences on So You Think You Can Dance (including being your authentic self as a gay contestant on a public voting reality
show), the personal experiences that have inspired his choreography, his own upcoming
reality show, and even his great appreciation for one Nigel Lythgoe.

AfterElton: Hi
Travis! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We’re excited that you’re
participating as a choreographer again this season on So You Think You Can Dance. Curious, are you now a permanent
employee of the show, or do you just come on for certain weeks?
Travis Wall:
just kind of go around your schedule and when your conflicts are, which weeks
you can’t do. They’ve asked me to do a couple episodes this season, but they
try and spread it out so it’s not so wham bam. The next time I’m on will be the
top 12. I’ll have two pieces, a jazz and a contemporary. Then the top eight,
the top six, and then, hopefully, the finale.

AE: I loved
that statue piece that you did two weeks ago with [dancers] Melanie and Marko. That was pretty amazing.
Thank you! I
was really proud of that one.

AE: So I’ve got a
question about your process. When you choreograph a piece like that, is it
largely formed before you even work with the dancers? Or do you wait to work
with the dancers and figure out what they can do and then tailor the piece to
them? I guess what I’m asking is: would that statue piece with Melanie and
Marko have been completely different if it had been a different couple dancing
absolutely! Absolutely. I was a contestant on the show so I experienced some
choreographers not fitting a routine to my body, or not showcasing what I do
best… they might just kind of come in with a pre-planned notion.

Anyway, I experienced that on my season, and I learned that
when you’re coming on the show as a choreographer that to get the best product
and keep your dancers safe for next week you really need to tailor the piece to
them and their talents. At the end of the day it’s not about the
choreographer… it’s about getting the dancers on to top ten so they can go
out on tour. Our job is to get people to vote for them and have America like

I have a general idea when I come in, but nothing’s really
planned. I really do choreography on the spot.

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