Spoiler alert! Meet Caprica’s gay character!

Sasha Roiz

After SyFy released the first episode of Caprica in May, I speculated as to who the gay character would turn out to be. Not to toot my own horn, but it turns out I was right. Meet … Sam Adama played by Sasha Roiz!

I’ve been trying to confirm my guess for a while, but it was only after GLAAD gave SyFy a failing grade that the network sort of spilled the beans. In an interview with TV Guide’s Matt Mitovich, Syfy’s executive vice president of original content, Mark Stern promised that the network would do better and specifically mentioned Caprica which will have two queer characters.

Stern didn’t say exactly who the gay characters are, but his use of the word "goodfella" to describe one cinched that it had to be Sam Adama (brother of Joseph Adama who is the father of William Adama) who is not our typical gay character.

As we learned in the first episode, Sam is an "enforcer" in the Ha’la’tha, a Tauron-based criminal organization. Basically think the mob and an enforcer is a hit man. In case you missed the first episode, Sam actually murders a corrupt government official who won’t take a bribe Sam is offering.

In another interesting twist, Sam is also married to another man, something apparently not the least bit controversial in Caprican society or with the Ha’la’tha. Said Stern about Sam:

It was very interesting to me to take what is traditionally a very
heterosexual role in an organization that we think of as being
extremely homophobic, and put a gay character in that world in a very
normalized way.

I concur wholeheartedly and love the idea of the pantheon of gay characters being big enough to include someone as morally complicated as Sam has the potential to be.

Stern also referenced another gay character in the show, but I’m given to understand this one is more slight and is part of a group communal marriage featuring "heterosexual as well as homosexual couplings." 

This should be very interesting! Stay tuned for details!

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