Spoiler! Big Casting News For Season Two Of “Arrow”


Fans of Arrow can rejoice, as Season One’s arguably most entertaining character will make a return appearance in Season Two. Barrowman is back! From TV Line:

A spokesperson for The CW would not say in what form Malcolm, who in the finale was last seen having an arrow thrust through his chest by The Hood, will resurface — in a dream (OK, nightmare) sequence, flashback, as a “ghost” or in the big, bad flesh — but TVLine hears the character will appear in at least two episodes.

We were all hoping this would be the case, as John brought his usual charisma to the role, and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how the show gives us a second helping.

In more great casting news, Dylan Neal has been cast, and will make at least four appearances as “DC Comics’ Dr. Anthony Ivo, a ruthless scientist who will play a part in Oliver’s next batch of island flashbacks.”

Dylan is currently appearing on Lifetime’s enjoyably retro primetime soap Cedar Cove, playing the hotly grizzled paramour of perpetually soft-focused Andie McDowell. I really look forward to seeing his “ruthless” side.

What do you think of this news? Were you pretty sure they’d find some way to bring Malcolm back, or is it a genuine surprise?

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