Stand Back! 64 Reasons Why We Love Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is many things: Goddess Of Rock, style icon, survivor, and today is her 64th Birthday. We could never hope to give her all of the proper respect she deserves, but here’s a small tribute to her legacy of cryptic lyrics, ethereal stage presence, and shawls.

So many shawls …

1. – “Landslide.” The greatest song ever written. Timeless, and one of the most covered songs of all time, from The Dixie Chicks to anyone learning the guitar … or performing drunken karaoke.

2. “Sisters Of The Moon” – Hands down the best track from Tusk, the chances that Stevie would write a song named “Sisters Of The Moon” were always pretty good.

3. “Gypsy” – One of the definitive Fleetwood Mac songs, and one of the greatest music videos ever made.


5.“Silver Spring” Such a beautiful song, it was originally supposed to be included on Rumours but was left off because there just wasn’t room for it (Stevie would later comment that the song’s exclusion from the album marked a growing tension in the band).

6. “Seven Wonders” – From Tango In The Night, it was Stevie’s biggest contribution to that album, and one of her most underrated songs.

7. Stevie’s 1994 album Street Angel was well, a disaster. It was recorded at the peak of her “troubles,” and it would become her least-selling and most critically maligned release. There were two bright spots, though. The first single “Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind” was a great pop gem … even if it did flop on the charts.

8. The second single “Blue Denim” did even worse, not even charting, but it became a concert favorite. Now let’s not mention Street Angel again.


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