Straight Men Kissing

In real life, straight men don’t kiss each other all that often — not counting
a certain game of Truth or Dare I participated in back in college.

But in movies and on TV? Straight men seem to kiss each other fairly often.
Thing is, it’s rarely for romantic reasons.

So why do they kiss, if not for romance? Interestingly, they seem to find
almost every reason under the sun – some good, some bad and some just plain
weird. Here are 12 of them graded by adding a score for sexiness plus a score
for freshness minus a score for gay panic equaling an Hot Kiss

Christopher Meloni/Lee Tergesen GLAAD
Awards Kiss

Actors Christopher Meloni and Lee Tergesen gave the audience exactly what it
wanted at the 2000 GLAAD Media Awards, kissing each other the way their Oz characters, boyfriends Chris Keller
and Tobias Beecher, might have kissed.

In other words, Meloni actually found a way to make gay and bisexual guys
like him even more than we already did!

Sexiness: 7 + Freshness: 10 – Gay panic: 0 = +17 Hot Kiss Rating!

Stargate Atlantis, “Duet”

In “Duet”, a 2005
episode of Stargate Atlantis, Cadman,
a female soldier, is trapped inside Rodney McKay’s brain, forcing him to kiss …
a male member of the crew that Cadman has a crush on.

According to Stargate writer Martin Gero, "Duet is possibly the funniest episode
we’ve ever done on Atlantis."

Um, yeah. Not that funny, guys.

"[Duet is] the kissing bandit episode,”
said McKay actor David Hewlett in an interview with GateWorld. “I have to make out with every
single person on the set, man, animal, and beast! … Me and Paul [McGillion]
have some ‘intimate’ scenes, shall we say … Paul and I, our little thing was
probably easier to do just because we know each other well enough. It’s, like,
mercifully unerotic!”

Uh, guys? Just stop, you’re only making it worse.

Sexiness: 2 + Freshness: 2 – Gay panic: 5 = -1Hot Kiss Rating!

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