Sunday night’s “Desperate Housewives” featured a surprise gay reveal!

Todd Grinnell

Regular readers might recollect that several week’s ago in my BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER! I mentioned that Desperate Housewives had cast Todd Grinnell in the part of a gay plastic surgeon. Well, on last night’s episode, a twist at the end revealed just how Todd’s character was going to fit into the show. Find out how and watch the clip after the jump! Warning: It’s a spoiler!

During the big nightclub fire several week’s back, Orson suffered a broken nose which, we learned last night, was going to require surgery from a plastic surgeon. During the consultation with the plastic surgeon, Bree and Orson behave rather oddly causing a conversation in which the doctor is asked about his marital status. He answers that he isn’t married, but is seeing someone. Are your gay Spidey senses tingling yet as to who that person might be?

After Orson and Bree leave, the doctor calls his significant other to make him promise they won’t ever turn into one of those bizarre older couples like Orson and Bree. And that’s when we learn the surgeon is dating … well, I’ll let you watch. It’s a short clip.

That’s right — Andrew is finally getting a boyfriend! Even better, it appears they are engaged! And next week’s preview shows the storyline getting more play as gay househusbands Bob and Lee make an appearance to tell Bree that Doctor Plastic Surgeon might not be quite as upstanding as he seems. In fact, they think he might have done porn.

Okay, everyone not wild about that storyline raise your hand? Yeah, me too. With any luck, they won’t be going there. 

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