Supernatural 8.14 Recap: “Hellraisers” Part 1

Hey folks! Like Supernatural after a severe two and a half year slump, I. Am. Back. So first, I’d like to thank Arik for doing the spectacular job of guarding my mantle. Secondly, since I missed last week’s discussion thread, obviously, a shoutout to Dean’s minor “gay thing” crisis. It was awesome to see Dean flushing under the guy’s attention.

We open with a montage of Kevin in his quest to translate their half of the Demon Tablet. After a month or so of working diligently and existing on the standard diet of Aspirin and Caffeine, he somehow manages to complete the task… and collapses with a nose bleed. Holy Crap!

Last week, the Winchesters found the Men Of Letters Head Quarters (MOL-HQ) and went about moving in. This week, Dean finishes adding the final touches to his room. It seems that he has emptied the Impala’s trunk to adorn the walls with his weapons. He even transfers to his nightstand the picture of their mother that he carries around in his wallet.

Needless to say, Sam is amused. But Dean justifies it with “I haven’t had my own room in… like… ever.” And now not only has he a clean room with no “creepy motel stains and funky smells,” it also comes with a killer Memory Foam mattress – “It remembers me” – and a house attached to it. Aww!

Sam makes his home in the library and is again surprised when Dean brings him a homemade cheeseburger. But that’s only because they have a real kitchen now, and Dean’s nesting. Of course, you are, my beautiful man. Nest all you want.

Just then Dean’s cell goes off. It’s Kevin and he has NEWS.

“Come here, you smelly son of a bitch.”

Cut to Sam and Dean breaking into Garth’s boathouse.

They find Kevin puking his guts out. And after a bit of mothering on Dean’s part, he tells them he has cracked the Tablet Code. Basically, they have to complete Three Tasks, a la Hercules, and recite the Enochian spell after completing each one. And whosoever completes all three can slam the Gates close.

According to Kevin, The First Task is to “Kill a Hound of Hell and Bathe in its Blood”. Ah, Good Times.

In spite of Sam’s apprehensions, Dean is more than ready to slay some Devil Dogs… for the greater good, of course. And since the Hell Hounds are the Debt Collectors of Hell, all they have to do is find some poor sucker who made a crossroads deal 10 years ago and get between him and Clifford the Big Dead Dog. Easy-peasy.

While Dean is out on the supply run – yarrow root, Gopher dust, tomatoes for lunch – Sam and Kevin have a heart to heart. Or mostly, Kevin plays his “I’ll sleep when I’m dead because I hate it here and I wanna go home” record and Sam goes all “I know how you feel, buddy. Trust Me.”

By the time Dean returns, Sam pings on one sucker they are looking for – Cassitys who very miraculously struck Oil on their farm in spite of the geological reports saying otherwise.

And after bidding Kevin goodbye, mommy Dean, who has suddenly started shopping for greens and fruits, and Sam make their way to Shoshone, Idaho.

Elaine the Stable Manager

Shoshone, Idaho. Within moments of their arrival, the Winchesters have a run-in with the hot manager, Elaine, and the Owner’s good for nothing Trophy Husband. And land jobs as farmhands.

Elaine directs them to them their assigned quarters… and Dean really misses his room, the poor bastard. The job involves mucking stables and… well, let’s just say Dean’s no Merlin.

Sam and Dean find Elaine arguing with the Owner about the fodder or something. Since the brothers have no interest in the family drama, and they rule out Elaine as a potential victim because she’s just a help, their next best option is to go on a Stalker Mode and trust the Owner to lead them straight to the Hound.

Later that night, the Owner is enjoying Valentine’s dinner with the Husband when they hear the distinct howls of wolves in the distance. The Owner leaves the husband to check on the horses and the brothers stalk her to an abandoned barn. Meanwhile…

The Husband is torn to shreds by the Hell Hound. Well, there goes the lead.

The Ranger called to investigate the crime scene dismisses it as a wolf attack, but the manager goes all cryptic with “This was no wolf.” Why does it feel like she knows more than she’s letting on? The Ranger couldn’t be arsed in any case, and asks her to inform the rest of the family about the death.

Dean, on the other hand, is frustrated because their only lead was turned into dog chow and they have nothing else to do. They might as well get the hell out and go home. Man! He must really miss his room.


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