“Supernatural”: “Pac-Man Fever”

Charlie returns with a secret and Sam’s not looking so hot.

Last week, we had the brief return of Bobby if for nothing else to add himself to the list of fans critics school children characters that wanted to shake Sam and yell, “Why the hell didn’t you look for Dean?!” But we’re past all that, right? Right. Then we lost Benny when he sacrificed himself for Sam. Good times.

This week we have the return of Charlie Bradbury (played by the adorable Felicia Day), a character that is known for bringing a bit of levity to just about any situation. She’s also known for her red hair, tech-savviness, and fondness for brunettes, but I digress… this isn’t her Match.com profile.

It’s Dean’s.

Supernatural recap

The Writer Dronestm gave us a light episode this time around – light on story and light on Sam (don’t think I didn’t notice, WDs) even though we came to learn quite a bit about Charlie’s not-so-cheery background. So there wasn’t a lot to love, but you know me, I’m a glass half full (of vodka) kind of guy and that means there wasn’t a lot to hate either. Sure, we didn’t move the central story along…. and okay, the writing wasn’t stellar… and the performances were just meh… and characterization was all over the place (a theme for this season)… what was my point? Oh, yes! Focusing on the good. Here are three of my favorite bits from last night’s episode:

1. When in doubt, dress up the resident Ken doll.

Dean is pretty. Can we just admit that? Good. Thankfully, this is a fact that hasn’t escaped the crew on Supernatural because, even when the show is not firing on any cylinders, the (I’m sure gay-staffed) wardrobe department finds some uniform, costume, or boxer briefs to throw on Dean and we, as an audience, forget for a moment that we’re not watching late-night HBO.

This episode’s opening sequence was another prime example of the principle: “When in doubt, dress up the resident Ken doll and start handing out bibs like they’re 3D glasses at an Avengers screening.” Dean in an old ARMY uniform (think: Captain America) and he even starts off with a lab coat over it! That’s two kinks for the price of one! Well played, guys. Well played. There was a bit of story tied in there about it being part of Charlie’s Djin-induced dream and playing on her fears related to this particular video game she’d hacked, but really, I wasn’t paying attention because:

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