“Supernatural” Recap 712: The Untouchables and the Time Traveller

First off… A big congratulations to the Supernatural team for winning People’s Choice Award for Best Network TV Drama and Best Network Sci-fi Drama. And I must admit I was one of those crazy fans who voted every chance they got.

Well… now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

Open with Sam and Dean on a stakeout. They see Mad Men‘s Don Draper. Or, more accurately, Veronica Mars Logan Echols in a period suit. This piques their interest and they pursue him when he ducks down an alley.

Here Sam and Dean split up… which is never good news. Dean directly follows the guy, while Sam takes a longer route coming in from the other side (the usual opposite-ends-pursuit tactic).

Dean sees the guy sucking a red ball of energy from a victim, and as he charges towards Don Draper, Don spontaneously combusts into a huge ball of red light.

And just as Sammy reaches both of them, Dean is sucked into it and it disappears into thin air.

Of course, those who have seen the promos know what is going on. For those who haven’t…

The “Dirty Diaper” Look

Two days earlier. Dean is staring at some Dick Roman porn articles (probably on Huffington Post) and Sam is asleep when the phone suddenly starts ringing.

Of course, since Dean cannot be more bothered coz he is watching “artsy anime” (Was Ask JT’s question #3 last week really Sam Winchester?), Sam has to wake up and receive the call, paving way to the classic “dirty diaper” look.

Wonder if Jared Padalecki is practicing it for his upcoming role as a new father.

The caller is Jody Mills, Bobby’s Zombie-killing, Leviathan-burning ex-girlfriend and… we have a case everybody!

Canton, Ohio. The boys buy/rent a derelict house with a semi-functioning bathroom (a.k.a. “hole in the floor”) and a single bedroom, which Rock-Paper-Scissors determines is Sammy’s.

The victim was a perfectly normal grad-student Durban who went missing a couple of days ago and turned up dead and shrivelled like a prune.

His wacky neighbor, “a highly unreliable witness”, tells “FBI Agents Mr. And Mr. Smiths, no relation” (aka Sam and Dean) that he saw his neighbour Durban being choked by a guy “dressed like his grandpa, wearing a Justin Timberlake hat” who sucked the red ball of energy out of him, leaving Durban looking like “King Tut” and… stopping the witness’ watch.

While researching for the case, Sam finds that this town has been a magnet for weird deaths since as early as 1920s. The victims die in threes, all shriveled up.

Looks like (Dexter’sTrinity Killer has finally met his match!

Of course Dean wants to hijack the computer, to which Sam asks “So… you’re gonna look at more anime or you strictly into Dick now?”

I was really waiting for some smart-ass snark but Dean “Magic Fingers” Winchester clickety-clacks, taps in to the city’s camera feed and accesses the feeds round the target area. (Side note before you shake your heads in disbelief: Dean has been taking extra lessons from Frank Deveraux) Even Sammy is jealous impressed.

In these feeds they find Don Draper and, comparing him with an old photograph, from 1974, realize that the guy hasn’t aged since then.

Off they rush to find the last person to find the shriveled body, back in ’74, then a young girl named Terry, now a doctor who tells them that Don Draper is actually Mr. Snyder, their old neighbor.

And it’s his house the brothers are staking out.

Since I already covered what happens next…

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