“Supernatural” Recap: Meet the Starks

Open with a cocky real estate agent is getting
ready to sit under one of those bee-hive dryers. Having seen all of the Final
movies, I know exactly how this is gonna end. And sure enough…

Still on the run from the Leviathans, Dean wakes from his Castiel
Amy Pond wet dream nightmare in an empty motel room. Don’t you
hate it when the person you’re sleeping next to sneaks out? But judging from
his obvious reaction, he is used to it. He simply reaches for his coffee
whiskey and computer. Welcome to my life, Dean!

Soon, Sam comes back from his
run. I am going to start a petition that no Winchester brother should be
allowed to work out if he is wearing clothes. 5 episodes into the season, and
we haven’t seen even a single ab.

“When you
were out playing Lance Armstrong, I was working”

two people, including Fried-hair lady,
have died in freak accidents in the town of Prosperity, Indiana.
So Thelma and Louise Winchester pack up their
meager belongings and “Get your motor running…”

While Sam
interviews the victims’ families, Dean CSIs the salon and finds an ancient coin behind the bee-hive dryer
machine. Meanwhile, a Dewey Stevens is getting himself nailed in
the eye to the port-a-potty by a free floating ghost nail gun. Seriously, this
is getting more and more Final Destination by the minute.

Dean finds yet another coin in the potty. This whole coin business seems
a bit shady, if you ask me. A little hacking and googling and Sam finds that all the three victims were associated
with a badass playboy millionaire Don Stark (James Marsters) – no relation to Tony Stark, another playboy
millionaire – who seems to be making googly eyes at his cupcake-making

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