“Supernatural” Recap: “The Fire Thief Fights Back”

So… this week’s episode, while nowhere near as bad as last week’s *shudders*, was just another bit of filler. Except for that last part. The Last part *shudders (but of a different kind)*

Now, since we have established that…. We open with a driver drinking and driving on a dark road leading to Great Falls, Mt.

The driver runs into a poor schmuck walking along side of the road. He gets down to check, but the guy is pretty dead. Scared, the driver runs off, making it an open-and-shut hit and run.

Well… that’s it. Go home. The case is closed. Or is it?

By next morning, the dead guy is still D-E-A-D, and even has an eagle munching on his liver (important later), when a Montana State Trooper finds the half-frozen body. He checks for the vitals – nil – and goes back to call the dispatch to retrieve the body, when the man in question thaws, gets up and walks away.

The trooper follows the footprints to the edge of the woods, but the “zombie” is gone.

Well… okay, not that closed.

Meanwhile, at MOL-HQ, Sam gets a drink of water when he notices something in his mouth. He spits the water back into the glass and it comes out bloody. Then he spits more blood into the wash basin. He hurriedly flushes it off…

I don’t like where this is going. I really really don’t.

Dean comes and asks him about it, and Sam is all “I’m fine. Dinner?

I don’t like this. Sam is dying… and he is lying to Dean about it.

Dean appears unconvinced, but lets it go. Instead, he inquires about Kevin and Cas, but they’ve got zip on either front. So, Sam shows him the news article about a “zombie” in Montana to kill boredom in the meantime.

Since, it’s as good as it’s gonna get, the boys up there baggage and roll…

The trooper who found the man seems convinced that they are dealing with a rogue Zombie (with a capital Z).

The Winchesters try to talk sense into him, when suddenly the trooper pings a coroner’s report from Livingston, about a man mauled to death by a bear. The trooper IDs him as the same man that walked away.

Now there is nothing stopping the man from believing it’s a Zombie Apocalypse Breakout, and he is more than ready to go Ash Williams on them, but the FBI agents somehow manage to convince him to sit tight and run interference. If it goes the Dawn of the Dead way, he will be the first person they call. The trooper acquiesces, but not without a suggestion, “aim for the head.”

Livingston, Mt. The boys find their John Doe dead as a doornail. Not surprisingly, there was no ID on the body and his fingerprints are zip… and, as Dean checks discreetly, is not a zombie or a vampire. Sam looks over the body to find his liver eaten by a bird or something.

The boys leave the room, with the body still on the OT, and start running a gamut of possible normal explanations, when the man’s wounds suddenly heal. He sits up in semi-panic, then makes a run for it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, he’s not fast enough and soon finds himself pinned on the stretcher under Dean, while Sam quickly closes the blinds.

It’s not like that! Get your heads out of the gutter, people!!

Anyways… the man has no idea who or what he is, he just knows that he dies a lot and is tired of it all and just wants it to end. When quizzed further, he informs them that he has been dying once a day for as long as he can remember.

Well, Sam and Dean can sympathize with that. No, seriously.

Unfortunately, since there are no more crazy Archangels giving people their just desserts, the boys haul the poor bastard back to their motel room for a series of tests.

After the FBI sanctioned standard tests – y’know silver knife, holy water – the man Shane tells them that while he has been dying everyday for as long he can remember, his memory only goes back a few years.

“So what, you have amnesia?” Dean asks disbelievingly.

Ignoring the obvious quip, the man further elaborates his story. He tells them that his name isn’t Shane. He was given the name, because they had to call him something. Furthermore, he was rescued from an avalanche in Europe a few years back. He doesn’t remember anything before that.

And when he found out about his condition, he ran away and started living like a hermit nomad. That is… until the hit-and-run brought him back on the radar.

Shane excuses himself and the Winchesters once again rack their brains over the problem and come to the conclusion, that maybe for once they’ve ensnared a victim, probably of some odd curse…

Or maybe he managed to piss off some crazy deity.

Later that night, Shane is sleeping when a regular Lara Croft enters the room.

She almost lovingly caresses his face, but when he says he doesn’t know her – or rather doesn’t remember her – she goes all ninja assassin on him.

Shane fights like Jason Bourne giving as good as he gets, and just she is about to overpower him, Sir Dean the Bow-legged Knight in Leather Jacket™ swoops in with his loyal sidekick, Sam the Sasquatch. But she mojo-throws him and Sam around.

Finally, Shane does manage to overpower her, but instead of ganking her with her own knife, he tries to interrogate her, only to get a cryptic “Now? I’m your worst enemy” before she vanishes along with her knife.

Now that the immediate threat is over, Dean is pretty impressed with their victim’s Kung-Fu skills. The man of course has no idea how he did it, and in the midst of talking suddenly suffers from a heart attack… and dies.


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