Supernatural Recap: “The Geek Goddess”

Location: Rufus’ Hunting Lodge, Somewhere in the backwoods of USA.

Open with Sam and Dean looking into the archeological digging sites funded by Dick Roman. But Sam finds no connection between the digging sites, while Dean comes up empty as far as their lores are concerned.

The sites are clean; absolutely no red flags (Major Red flag?) and they have no connection with each other. It seems they are good old fashioned digging sites and nothing else.

Ever predictable Dean opens his flask and out pops Bobby to flickering lights and sudden chills. It seems he more or less Genies up when the flask is opened, but he still hasn’t got a handle on how and when he will disappear again. So until then, he decides to tell the boys of the Leviathan’s big plans.

Cue flashback montage #457: The Leviathans, it seems, are planning to dumb the humans down by feeding us the specially formulated Turducken meat. Then they are gonna cure us of major diseases and then… they are gonna harvest us. In short, the Leviathans are engineering a perfect livestock for an unlimited food source.

Really?!?! We never could’ve guessed!! Never… Not even in a billion years.

Seriously, the way this Levi storyline is going, I’m guessing it is the writers who have been snacking on the Turducken Slammers. And I really hope this does not culminate with “Sam and Dean taking on corporate America”.

Just then Sam gets an email from Frank Deveraux. It’s one of those “If you find this, I’m dead” notes.

The note says that not only is Frank dead, or worse, but someone is trying to hack into his hard drive. It also means they are basically screwed. All their new aliases, their hiding locations, Baby’s (Dean’s Impala) location have all been compromised.

But they need not worry because he has a tracking device on the drive – a device that leads them to RRE (Richard Roman Enterprises) HQ in Chicago… “bang in the middle of a Death Star”.

Which brings us to…

Five hours earlier. A scooter parks in front of RRE HQ and…

Well, a few weeks ago I’d listed my favourite entrances on Supernatural. Scratch that. Felicia Day shaking her booty dancing to “I’m Walking on Sunshine” trumps them all.

This is the introduction to the awesome ginger Charlene “Charlie” Bradbury, a geek/hacker par excellence, who transfers a million dollars from a Presidential campaign to an Animal Charity, the first thing after she sits at her desk, which also doubles as a shrine to all things geek.

Just then, her manager Pete calls her in the office. It seems the Head Honcho Dick Roman himself is pleased with her hacking skills. And after making really bad puns like “the world is my dinner plate”, Dick Roman offers her an assignment.

She is to crack Frank Deveraux’s encrypted drive, which Dick says could result in downfall of RRE, in three days, or she’s fired. Charlie and her desk partner, ginger goddess Hermoine “H” Granger, get cracking.

And that is when the email is sent to the Winchesters.

Back at the cabin, the boys and Bobby debate over how to retrieve Frank’s hard drive.

Though the boys are all for crashing RRE and stealing it from under Dick’s nose, Bobby is against it because the Levis not only know their faces, they are actually hunting them. He wants the boys to mail the flask to Chicago with him attached, but the boys veto it coz they don’t want Bobby to run into Dick and “go dark side”.

Wouldn’t a bigger concern be “how’s he gonna come back”?

The next day, it seems Ms. Charlie spent the night with H, she wakes up to find the hard disk decrypted. She finds files on Frank’s conspiracy theories, including one on RRE.

And though her clear orders are to report everything to Dick, “the girl who has problems with authority” decides to take a sneak peak at info that could bring the Roman Inc. down.

Only the files have nothing to do with Roman Inc. They are volumes and volumes of Frank’s research on the Leviathans – including how to identify them, how to kill them and the fact that Dick Roman is a Leviathan.

Okay, I get it. The Leviathans are supposed to be the Big-Bads this season, but do they have to keep giving the Leviathan tutorial every time some new person crops up on the screen?

Anyways, thinking that the hard disk belongs to some crazy old conspiracy theorist, and may actually have nothing to do with RRE, she goes to report it to her boss, Pete, only to see Dick Roman’s minion first turning into him, then eating him, as Dick looks on approvingly.

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